Dear Joshua-

I’m in a little bit of a pickle. I have made an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed. I am conflicted because my original reason for taking them out was to relieve my jaw pain. But as of today’s consultation with the oral surgeon, my jaw pain is a separate issue from my wisdom teeth. The oral surgeon gave me all these reasons why it’s a good idea to get them removed anyway and all of them sounded very fear-based. And all of them were to prevent worse things from happening because of the wisdom teeth.

So when I left the consultation, I was sure I was going to get them removed. But when I got home, my Dad said that I should consider not going through with the procedure if it’s not going to provide relief for my jaw pain. He told me that everything in our body has a purpose and there’s nothing we need to remove or “fix”. He said that this manifestation event is alerting me to a belief that does not serve me and the next step would be to identify which belief it is. The thing that is holding me back from canceling my appointment is the thought that I might not be able to identify the resistant belief and things will get worse. I am looking for ways to figure it out. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Dear Sienna,

All pain is a result of resistance. Emotional pain is the result of a resistant thought, whereas physical pain is the result of many resistant thoughts over a long period of time. As soon as you ease the resistance, the pain must be relieved.

It is okay to have a resistant thought. This is part of your emotional guidance system. The resistance creates an emotion, which feels bad. All bad-feeling emotions are based in fear. Whenever you feel bad, it is an indication that you are looking at the subject from a limited perspective and you judge it to be bad or wrong. You wish it was different.

Here’s an easy example. Let’s say you’re late to work and you get stopped for a speeding ticket. You view this event as bad and wrong and you feel negative emotion. Your negative emotion is your indication that you are judging the situation in a way that does not serve you. This is because you assume the ticket is bad, but you don’t really know. It could lead to so many things, all of which are designed to get you what you want.

Now let’s play with this a little further. Imagine that this ticket caused you to be so late to work that you got fired. Another negative emotion pops up, which means more resistance. Then after getting fired you are presented with a new opportunity that completely fits what you’ve been asking for. From this perspective, the speeding ticket looks like a good thing after all. Since your perspective is limited, because you cannot know the future, you cannot trust it.

When you feel negative emotion, it is your signal that you’re looking at the subject from this very limited perspective and that resistant manner of thinking goes against what you want. It is resistance. Look at the situation from a higher perspective and you will feel relief. Relief is a good feeling and this is your indication that you have found the higher perspective.

So then, should you have your wisdom teeth removed when you know it will not alleviate your jaw pain? That is for you to decide. But at least now you understand that negative emotion equals resistance and prolonged resistance equals jaw pain. Relieve your pain by being a little less resistant. What are you really resisting after all? You know that everything is always working out for you, don’t you?

You are loved more than you can imagine.