I know that it’s typical for teenagers to have acne and I accept that. I have this belief that once a teen reaches his/her twenties then the acne goes away. So since I am 18, I think mine should gradually be getting better but it’s not, and I am getting impatient and frustrated. What also fuelsmy frustration is the fact that my acne has actually WORSENED since last year. The only thing that has really changed is not being in the chlorine-y pool all the time for swim team. But I have a feeling that this has something to do with my vibration or belief system.

I have tried multiple times to make myself think differently about my acne, but it fails every time. I have also tried to just ignore it, but that doesn’t work because I feel the need to pop the pimples. Why do humans feel the need to pop pimples if it’s not good for our skin!? AAAHH! Anyway…when I look in the mirror at myself, all I see are those dang red pimples and all the little “imperfections” on my skin. This makes me feel less pretty, less confident, and just bummed out. Any suggestions on how to get rid of acne for good would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Dear Sienna,

Here’s how this reality works: You are a vibrational being living in a vibrational reality. You are the center of your reality. Everything that comes to you in this reality (the outside world you can observe with your physical senses) is a result of the vibration you are emitting. You emit a certain vibration and the universe responds with the physical representation of your vibration. You feel the feeling first and your outer world mirrors that feeling back to you by the manifestation of what you are observing in your outer world.

This is a feeling reality and the only things that matters is how you feel because how you feel creates your outer world. It’s as simple as that. So if you are feeling insecure about your looks, your attractiveness, you ability to interact with your peers, etc., you might manifest pimples, bad teeth, bad breath, weight gain, or any such condition that would match how you are feeling. It is common for teenagers to develop acne because the teen years in your society are very trying. Most teens are incredibly insecure about their appearance. Your generation is even more focused on looks than previous generations.

As teenagers grow into young adulthood, they generally become more confident and as a result the pimples fade. When feelings of insecurity flare up, they might encounter an acne flare up that coincides with it. Once they regain their confidence, their skin clears immediately. As you become more confident as you get older, your skin will clear up as well. However, if you can understand what you are doing, you can work on your confidence now without having to wait another few years. All you need is a change in perspective which will alter your belief system and cause a shift in your reality.

You do not want to do anything to help free yourself from the pain of acne. This isn’t how the system works. You want to become more confident because confidence feels better than insecurity. As a side effect, your skin will improve. This is law and can be no other way.

So then, how will you improve your levels of confidence? You must simply reach for the higher perspective. Try to look at yourself the way we see you from our higher, wiser and broader perspective. We see you as the center of your universe. This is very important for you to know and understand. You are here for your own experience and expansion. This is your reality and the realities of all others revolve around you. They are all here for you. You play a part in their universes as well, but the primary thing to remember is that above all else, this is your reality. Selfishness in this reality is a good thing. You must be concerned for yourself above all others for without that, you are of no use to anyone else anyway. So think of yourself first and whatever it is that you personally want.

If you are the center of your reality and everything you experience on the outside world, which includes all things and all people in your reality, is there to serve you, then you have absolute control over how they respond to you. If they love you for who you are, then the vibration you are emitting is one of love and acceptance. If they are acting in any way that is lees than that, you are not completely being who you really are which is a being of complete and absolute love and acceptance. This is okay because they are simply alerting you to the fact that you are feeling less than purely positive. They are simply a mirror to how you are feeling. As your feelings improve, your outer world, your body, your family and friends, and everything else will change to match how you are feeling now.

As you choose to be more confident, your reality, including your face, will begin to resonate with your newfound confidence. It won’t happen immediately, but if you can maintain higher levels of self-confidence as well as higher levels of self-love and self-acceptance, you will start to see a dramatic shift in every aspect of your reality.

You are an actor. You know how to play a role. It is appropriate for an actor to play a character on stage in a way that makes the character relatable and believable. However, you think that it is inappropriate for you to act in real life they way you would want to be. You think you are confined by the “reality” of who you are. In fact, you are not acting like who you really are now anyway. You might as well start playing the part of who you want to be right now instead of waiting to grow up. There is no need to wait.

You have a very advanced knowledge of universal forces and the mechanism of physical reality. You are giant leaps ahead of your peers. When something pops up that you don’t like, just think about how you have been feeling and realize that you can be, do and have anything you really want as long as you ignore the things you don’t like. Don’t let acne or anything else reinforce your feelings of insecurity. Acknowledge it as a gift that got you to take notice and ask questions. You have been alerted by your acne to a feeling that you were having. Now you can re-imagine yourself, ignore the conditions in your outer world that you do not like, and simply and easily allow yourself to feel better.

You are loved and accepted unconditionally for who you are now in this moment by more than you could ever imagine.