Dear Joshua,

I have had a cold for 5 days now so I know something is up with my vibration. I have also been having some trouble with my jaw lately. It occasionally unhinges when I eat. I assumed it was just my wisdom teeth growing in and messing with things since my older brother’s jaw would click while his were growing in. I was just going to wait it out, but this morning I woke up with my jaw locked up on one side. I tried gently pushing it in different directions to make it click back into place. After about 5 minutes (which felt like an eternity), it did and I felt a wave of relief roll over me. I could open my mouth up all the way, yay! But then, I closed it and it locked up again!

I tried to stay calm and attempted to replicate what I did to get it to release last time but it wouldn’t unlock. I was starting to get a little scared now. But then I remembered something my dad told me a long time ago: Think of something in your life that makes you feel the same way as you are feeling now and that’s the real issue. So I analyzed my feelings and came up with helplessness and fear of the future. The first thing that popped into my mind that matched those feelings was my job. Now that I figured out what the problem was, I didn’t know what to do about it, I couldn’t really think about my job in any way (positive OR negative) because I was too busy hurting. So I just decided to go back to sleep and trust that it will unlock by itself. Well, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got my mom. She massaged my jaw for 5 minutes and the pain was lessening. She told me to just relax my jaw and it will hopefully unlock. Which it did!…After
about 40 minutes! Ugh.

Long story short(er), my jaw is okay now but I am still hesitant to chew anything. How do I fix my vibration? Quit my job (which I have been wanting to do for a while)? And in the meantime, do I go see a doctor?


Dear Sienna,

As you know, when a physical condition such as this pops into your reality, it is a manifestation event and it’s purpose is for you to realize that there is some resistance within you. This is a rather mild manifestation event, but it seemed important enough to you that it captured your attention. Had you ignored the event, thinking that it had something other to do than with your vibration, the next event would have become bigger. You were smart enough to know that this is about your vibration.

You do not need to alter your vibration so that your jaw becomes fixed, you must alter your vibration so that you can become aligned with who you really are and what you really want. Your locked jaw was simply the easiest way for the universe to get your attention. If you are being who you really are and aligned with what you really want, then there will be no need to capture your attention though any physical (or other) manifestation event.

You can see that the locked jaw caused you to realize something was off with your vibration. You saw it as a sign of resistance. You understood that there is some fear within you and this is the reason for the manifestation event. Now you must analyze what the resistance is all about. The first thing you mentioned was your job. You do not like your job and you are conflicted. Here’s what we see.

You have this job you do not like. However, you already understand that the job is your creation and if you don’t like it, then it means that there is something about you that is unhappy with the conditions of the job. The job is simply a reflection of how you are feeling about yourself. You know that if you quit the job, in order to change the conditions, you really haven’t addressed the issue within you. So you can quit the job, but the next job will be similar because you haven’t altered your own vibrational stance.

But you feel like quitting is the best option, and it might be. You might leave this job and take a bit of time off to understand what it is you truly want to do. The feeling of being stuck is unpleasant. You know there is something you are passionate about, yet you cannot see how it will all unfold. You are projecting yourself into a future that you cannot even begin to imagine from where you stand right now and so this idea of the future becomes terrifying and your fear manifests itself into a locked jaw.

Think about what the locked jaw may represent. Is it the inability to express yourself through your words? When your jaw is locked does it make it harder to speak? Does it feel like it might never unlock itself? Why would the universe need to add the locked jaw to the cold you were already experiencing? There is a very clear message in this if you look for it.

We would say that you have nothing to fear about your future. It is understandable from where you stand now at this time of your life that you cannot see very far ahead. You have not yet found your true passion even though you might think you have. What you are interested in now will eventually lead to your true passion. Simply follow your interests in joy and realize that you must go through a process of clarification and growth before you can be led to that which you are here to explore. You must go through a series of things you might not like in order to clarify your true desires. This is how you change your vibration. You must undergo some sifting and sorting. You must try new things and get out of your comfort zone. It is simply fear that keeps you from expanding in ways that you are ready for. You must not worry about anything, for this defeats the purpose. Embrace whatever you consider to be good or bad and from this your preferences will be defined.

We will assure you of two things; your future will be a wonderful mix of everything you really want, and your future will be completely different than anything you could imagine. So since you are going to live a wonderful experience in something other than what you can imagine, why not enjoy your life now as it is? Why even think about a future you cannot see? Why do anything other than what you want to do in the moment? If you want to quit your job, then quit it. If you want to practice your powers of creation by making the conditions of the job better, then do that. If you love performing, but cannot see a future in that, then just have fun with whatever you can do today. When it is no longer interesting, pursue whatever is interesting.

There is no wrong. You cannot make a mistake. You cannot find your true passion by worrying about your future. Enjoy this time in your life because no matter how your future unfolds, you will always look back at this time fondly.

You are loved more than you can imagine,