Dear Joshua,

I have a real thing for white noise. I seem to be in a minority as most people find it really annoying. But not me! White noise from car engines ticking over to lawnmowers to vacuum cleaners (if someone else is doing the cleaning!) and cement mixers… completely blissed me out. I would call it the equivalent to having an Indian head massage – seriously! I am in a trance where thoughts stop. It’s kind of like meditation. So my question is why does it have this effect for me and completely the opposite for others? Am I weird? Or do I had some bizarre ability to turn what for most would be an annoyance into a positive experience?


Dear Samantha,

Yes you are weird if weird means unique. Every single living organism on this planet is unique. No two lives are ever even remotely similar. This unique aspect of physical reality is the basis of it. It is integral to the structure and design of this playground. Every person experiences life in a completely different way. You just seem to think you all see everything the same way.

We will agree that you have similar intentions, and you are all moving toward becoming who you really are in your own unique way, yet it is more beneficial when you embrace your own and other’s uniqueness. The more you realize that you see things in different ways, the more you will begin to accept others for who they are rather than continually asking them to conform to the way you view your world.

Now we understand that this has nothing to do with why you like white noise other than to say that you do have the ability to accept aspects of physical reality that others do not. You have a natural and highly beneficial ability to see the good in things while others spend more time complaining about the relatively minor things that aren’t quite perfect. This is your gift and yes, you are weird.