Dear Joshua,

Now I’d love some clarifying help from you!

I had such a good start of this Sunday, maybe the best since I started the Bootcamp. I felt so good I decided to accompany my daughter and husband to our local swimming pool. I listened to my body, had a lot of sauna, chose the warm pool etc, everything to keep my muscles warm and relaxed.

As soon as I came home I could feel the headache/migraine…
I’ve tried to analyze it. I did think a few negative thoughts about my body, but the main thing that happened was when I felt I was ready to go home my daughter became sad and wanted me to stay. So I stayed a bit longer and did a few things that weren’t optimal for my body.

When analyzing I can see that I’m afraid that she doesn’t feel loved, as I did when I was growing up. By staying and spending some more time with her instead of leaving, I thought could avoid that. Did that cause the headache, not listening to my needs? Or was it all my general limiting beliefs around my body and what physical conditions that can cause the headache?

This week I have experienced a lot of physical symptoms. How do I know if it’s release of resistance or it’s resistance that my body wants to make me aware of?

Since I started the Bootcamp I have also noticed that my body wants slightly different foods. I try following my inner guidance and I’m much better at separating between true needs and urges to eat certain things to get rid of emotional discomfort. But with the symptoms I’ve got now, I wonder if I’ve activated food sensitives. Can I trust what feels like inner guidance or am I deluded?


Dear Pernilla,

There is nothing wrong with your body. You haven’t activated anything other than the desire for ease. As you are focusing more on who you authentically are and what you truly want, you are releasing tension in the body. This is quite natural. Emotions that are not processed in the moment become imbedded in the body. Now you are starting to release those pent up emotions.

The manifestation event with your daughter is the cause of your migraines. This is a very important message. This is about resistance and control. You have been taught to believe that if you do what others want, you will receive love. You learned to control love by doing what others want. You fear that if you do not do what they want, they won’t love you. Your fears are irrational and they are the cause of your chronic physical conditions. It is now time to release those fears and process those limiting beliefs once and for all.

You did not come here to be loved. You received all the love you could stand in the nonphysical. Love is simply the basis of physical and nonphysical reality. In the nonphysical, you offer no resistance and so you express your love and acceptance unconditionally. In doing so, you receive all the love you could ever want. You are transparent in the nonphysical. Everyone knows every single detail about you because they can read your vibration. The same is essentially true in the nonphysical. You cannot really hide anything. Others are not calling you out for the way you are being because they are being that way too. It’s become an accepted part of your culture to fit in and not be who you really are. We are helping you become who you really are.

If you had no limiting beliefs about needing to be loved, you would simply do what you were inspired to do. If you are ready to go, you simply go. The others can come with you or not, or even ask you to stay. You view it all as love. You accept whatever they decide as love. Their actions are always perceived as love and acceptance. If your daughter wants you to stay and you still want to go, then go. She will be okay. You want to control her experience of life and this is not possible. The idea causes inner conflict and stress on the body. If you are going to become the authentic version of you, you must not try to control the experience of others, your child and husband included.

If your daughter asks you to stay and you are truly inspired to stay, then you will continue to do the things that are beneficial to the body. It’s the alignment that matters. It’s being fully aligned with the decision you have made without any doubt or concern over any other possible decisions. You must see that whatever you are doing is for your benefit, not for the attempt to coerce others into loving or liking you. You make the decision to leave if that is what you want to do. You make the decision to stay if that’s what you want to do. What your daughter wants is not your concern. She will learn to process her fears if you leave. If you always do what she wants, will that be of any benefit to her? Certainly not. Be an example of alignment by doing always that which you want and this will be the best education you could give her.

With our love,
We are Joshua