Dear Joshua,

1. This is a multi-part question.

a. If you can only reduce the intensity of the limiting belief but never really get rid of it, does it negatively affect you at all? For example, if I hold the limiting belief that sugar isn’t good for me and I do the work to reduce the intensity of it, what will happen if I start eating sugar regularly?

b. Are there any foods that all human bodies just doesn’t do well on?

c. Are there any foods that are required for the body? I assume water is one so are there others? Maybe I should rephrase that to mean foods containing certain vitamins and minerals at certain minimal levels. We are hearing that our food supply no longer contains the levels of vitamins and minerals that it used to due to farming practices, etc. and we need to use supplements so we don’t become deficient. Is that a concern?

d. What about chemicals in our food supply like Roundup? Supposedly these chemicals are even showing up in the breast milk of mothers in remote areas in the world where Roundup has never been used. Will these chemicals only negatively affect those who worry about them?

2. I am wondering what the affect of all the cell towers, cell phones and the new 5g network will have on our bodies over time. I know some people who seem to be affected by that energy in negative ways. Is this just a limiting belief held by these people and therefore I shouldn’t be concerned about it?

With gratitude and love!

Dear Nancy,

Your beliefs are the thoughts you think. Your thoughts and beliefs form your vibration. Your vibration creates (attracts) your reality. If you had different thoughts and beliefs, you would have a different vibration and attract a new reality. Therefore, your power of creation is affected by the beliefs you choose to hold. Since you have control over the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold, you have the power to create your own reality. Since no one else can create your beliefs or thoughts, no one else has the power to create in your reality.

Your beliefs come from two sources; personal experience and from the influence of others. Since other people create in their own reality, they create conditions and experiences based on their unique vibration. Their vibration is unique because their perception of reality, the thoughts they think, and the beliefs they hold onto are also unique. Therefore, it is not beneficial to adopt the limiting beliefs of others, simply because they have adopted those same beliefs.

Your beliefs are neither true or false, they are simply limiting or beneficial. Let’s assume you had direct experience with something and from your experience, you formed a belief. Beliefs from direct experience tend to be more intense. However, the belief from your own experience is also neither true or false, even your own experiences can lead to limiting or beneficial beliefs. You tend to believe they are true, but they were only experienced by another version of you; one that no longer exists. And so you can file those experiences away with the old vibration that was present within you at the time.

The beliefs you adopted along the way are even less relevant for the version of you that exists now. We will call that old programming. You are now at a point where you can adjust the intensity of all of your beliefs. Limiting beliefs can be reduced to such a low intensity that they no longer become limiting. Beneficial beliefs can be raised to such a high intensity that you gain clarity and alignment. This is your work.

Once you attract anything in this reality, it is not possible to push it away. However, in the case of limiting beliefs, if they no longer limit you from acting on inspiration, they do not adversely affect you. Some beliefs will never be diminished to the point where no fear exists and this is perfectly fine, for you can always find devices that allow you to reasonably push past fear to do what you are inspired to do.

Imagine if you were inspired to skydive. We could tell you that without your limiting beliefs, you could easily jump out of a plane and land safely, without a parachute. Since you will never reduce the intensity of this limiting belief to that extent, you must incorporate a device and so you use a parachute. Now, if you still feel fear, you can incorporate other devices. Maybe you research the low odds of dying during skydiving. Maybe you talk to others who are avid skydivers. Maybe you try a tandem partner on your skydive. These are all viable devices to incorporate in order to do what you are inspired to do.

Let’s say that you are inspired to eat foods that contribute to your overall health and well being. Knowing what you now know about the laws of the universe, would it be better to maintain your alignment and be inspired to certain foods and activities, or would it be better to hold onto your limiting beliefs and rally against the industrial food mechanism? Would it be better, based on your current belief system to eat whatever you want to eat, or to incorporate the device of supplements? Would your body feel better personally with less sugar or more sugar? Have you experienced any of this personally or are you adopting the beliefs of those paralyzed by fear?

As you move through this bootcamp process, you will be analyzing your fears. Are they rational or irrational. You will be processing your beliefs. Are they limiting or beneficial? You will be receiving inspiration and pushing past fear. You will not take your beliefs for granted. You will not haphazardly adopt other people’s limiting beliefs. You will no longer support your own limiting beliefs. You will no longer live in fear of all these imagined threats. You will become more aware and consciously live in love by examining your beliefs. Do they serve the authentic version of you or are they simply limiting you to a life less than what you intended to live?

With our love,
We are Joshua