Hi Joshua,

I am wondering what is holding our current society back from talking freely about the topic of sex and masturbation? To me, it’s simply to give pleasure to my body, and feel good by the end. Is it the shame of something? Is it the fear of being rejected?

I would love some clarification.


Dear Muriel,

You have a unique set of beliefs, as do all humans. Some of your beliefs are limiting, while others are empowering. These beliefs shape your reality. You have the ability to alter your beliefs through analysis and processing. In the end, you must reach for the higher perspective that is aligned with love. From the limited perspective of fear, you feel negative emotions. Fear and shame are examples of negative emotions and they reflect your beliefs. You may perceive something wrong in the activities you choose, yet your inner self sees no wrong in any of it. That means that you are absolutely free to do anything YOU desire, without needing anyone else’s approval. However, that also means that everyone else is free to do whatever they desire without your approval.

What makes you feel good? Is that feeling aligned with love? If so, then it is for your benefit, expansion and pleasure. You may feel free to engage in any activity that is aligned with love and with who you truly are. Who are you? You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. Therefore, you may engage in whatever gives you pleasure.

Imagine not being free to have, be or do anything you wish. If you are limitless, then how could you possibly be limited by anything? It’s simply fear. The fear is irrational. It is not real. It is not true. It is based in fear and therefore the associated negative ramifications are not real. Who imposes such limitation? Is it society? Are there laws and rules in place? Are there Mores or taboos? All limitations are self-imposed, especially in the area of sex.

In a free and natural world, you would happily engage in any sexual activity that provides you and your body with pleasure. There would be no limits to what you could enjoy. You could have multiple partners or please yourself. It would not matter. In fact, you would have no need to wear clothes other than to keep your body warm. However, the fear of generations past have provided you with certain beliefs that are limiting. There is nothing wrong with these beliefs, they are simply limiting. They limit you from participating in activities and experiences you desire. This is true of sex and every other possible subject.

If you want to live a less limited life, you must address your limiting beliefs. If you are content living the life you have now, then there would be no need to process limiting beliefs. They are not wrong or bad, they’re simply limiting. As a limitless being, you define your own limitations. You are responsible for pushing past your fears and moving outside of your comfort zone. Others will seek to control you in order to placate their own fears. If you choose to succumb to that control, you agree to your limitations. If you choose to experience a life that is in alignment with who you really are, you become less limited and more authentic. The choice is always yours. You may maintain your self-imposed limitations or you may process them to become more authentic. Whatever you choose will be right for you as you exist in this moment. In future moments, you may choose different things.

With our love,
We are Joshua