Dear Joshua,

I am wondering if there is a way to understand our body’s language as our cells came to expand. I guess they are giving us guidance somehow. Is the guidance still coming from our inner self or in a different way? From my understanding, physical manifestations are the result of many missing guidance messages from our inner self.

That said, let me give you an example, I am suffering from allergies lately due to spring here and a lot of pollen everywhere. Knowing it is all about vibration and not a proper reality, I am not sure if there is any underlying meaning to understand from the body’s reaction. I have been thinking that maybe the urge to scratch an itch is similar to reacting with a urge to control any other physical situation.

In other words, are allergic reactions a kind of manifestation event for our body or so? Quite tricky though.

I will be pleased to hear your thoughts about it.

Thanks for all,

Dear Muriel,

Guidance comes in many forms. Sometimes, you feel negative emotion and that is guidance coming directly from your inner self. If you perceive that there is something wrong, you have just accepted a limited perspective on the subject. Your inner self sent you a message in the form of negative emotion. The message is essentially, “You are looking at this subject from a perspective that does not agree with the reality of the matter.” You are simply looking at the illusion that causes you to perceive that something is wrong.

If you ignore the resistant thought and the accompanying negative emotion and persist in seeing the subject as wrong or bad, you maintain the vibration of wrong within your overall vibration. That now becomes a strong presence and you attract a reality that has some of that vibration in your experience. This is clearly not what you truly want. You are exploring the subject from a perspective of wrong and so the subject keeps coming up in some way. In order for you to live the experience of physical life as you intended, you must resolve the limiting belief that causes you to see this subject as wrong. If you do the work and change your perspective in the midst of a resistant thought, you have resolved the limiting belief and all is well.

However, if you choose to ignore your negative emotion and the underlying message, the universe will step in and present you with something a bit stronger. If you ignore this, then the next manifestation event will be designed to capture your attention. Keep ignoring the message and eventually it will turn into some unwanted chronic physical condition that relates to what you think is wrong. The system is designed so that the message becomes more and more obvious and difficult to ignore. However, the vast majority of humans consistently ignore these messages and hold onto their limiting beliefs.

If you are suffering from allergies, what does that mean? Certainly, it means you are resistant to the symptoms brought forth by the allergy. You see them as wrong. You perceive them as bad. However, is there a message within the symptoms? Maybe yes and maybe no. It could be that your body is just clearing out some unnecessary mucus. It might be the simple function of the body when irritants are present. It might not mean anything. You can look for an underlying limiting belief and process whatever you come up with. That would be a wonderful thing to do.

However, the more important point is to notice your resistance in all areas. Why would you resist a sneeze, an itchy nose, or watery eyes? isn’t everything working out perfectly? Of course it is. We are talking about the consistent and often mild resistance to everyday life. If you can be less resistant in these times, you will greatly ease your discomfort. The body will find a way to resolve the issue. But if you maintain your resistance to the symptoms, you will not receive the inspiration that will move you to a better feeling place. You will dip into a lower emotional state of being and act on some urge to change the condition.

Always look at the resistance in the moment and do not try to go too deep. Why is the sneeze wrong? Why are the watery eyes a problem? Why not be patient and see it all as just a temporary function of the body? You chose to go where the pollen was. This is not wrong, but the body must adjust. That’s all that is happening here. In resistance, you think it is a big problem. In ease, you do not even consider it a problem. Do you resist when the body is hungry, sleepy, or thirsty? No, you simply eat, sleep and drink.

There’s no resistance in that and your actions satisfy the needs of the body. The body will take care of itself. If you add resistance, you add fear. If you accept what is, you add love.

With our love,
We are Joshua