Dear Joshua,

I have a question for Joshua, I am wandering why is there so much loneliness in the fabric of society and how is this for us?

In medicine we are starting to talk about loneliness and isolation and negative impact on health and psyche. I wander what is Joshua’s take on it.


Dear Mira,

Loneliness is an aspect of physical reality that cannot be explored in the nonphysical. In the nonphysical, we are not separate and cannot achieve a feeling of loneliness. We flow together completely transparent. Everything is displayed in the vibration we are offering. We feel no shame, because shame is a result of the experience of unworthiness. How could we feel unworthy as we are all one and we are Source. It is the illusion that an individual might perceive that they are an individual and separate from Source.

Unworthiness is a popular and ever-changing exploration in physical reality. It is similar to lack, limitation, and suffering. It is all based on the illusion that one is not Source and therefore individual and separate from Source. Sometimes this manifests and loneliness, incarceration, abandonment, betrayal, poverty, etc. The illness stems from the resistance to whatever is happening.

Poverty has a negative impact on health. Depression has a negative impact on health. Loneliness has a negative impact on health. Low self-esteem has a negative impact on one’s health. It all stems from a deep sense of unworthiness. The false belief of separation (i.e. unworthiness) causes resistance, since it is not aligned with the inner self’s perspective of the individual. Ease the resistance no matter the subject and the body is restored to an improved state. Alter one’s limiting beliefs and the resistance will be lessened. Deteriorated physical health all stems from some form of resistance to what is.

With our love,
We are Joshua