Dear Joshua,

Thank you (and thank Gary for spending the time channeling and typing my question and your response) to my question yesterday regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris. One part of your response, though, did not fully address my question. How did any of the people hurt or killed manifest being attacked? Your answer is on the broad, global sense regarding attracting love and actions of peoples, but what about the individuals?

For example, one of the people killed was a lovely young American woman who was enjoying studying design in Paris and who was enjoying a Friday night out at a bistro when the terrorists opened fire and killed her. She was having the time of her life. I know you say that death is neutral, but in what manner did this particular woman, who was so focused on living, manifest leaving this physical plane and what she was clearly enjoying?

Thank you again for your love and wisdom.

Dear Michael,

You have very strong beliefs about death which you consider to be a bad thing. Death is not bad, it is simply the transition from physical to nonphysical. You worry that while you create your reality, certain things might happen to you or those you love that are beyond your control. You see what appears to be innocent victims of accidents and attacks and you believe that these people would never consciously choose to manifest the reality where they might be injured or killed.

Let us explain how this works. You can only experience something if you are a vibrational match to it. Nothing can enter your reality without your vibration being within the vicinity of it. Everything that happens to you happens for you. There are no coincidences and there is no such thing as luck. Everything responds to the vibration you are sending. You have free will and you can alter your vibration at any time. If you no longer wish to participate in something unwanted, simply move your focus toward what is wanted. You have the ability to choose your thoughts, your focus of attention and your perspective. This is how you create your reality.

When an event occurs such as the attacks in Paris, which you call a tragedy, you think about the victims and how they could not have chosen to be involved in the event. You believe they were all there by chance. You believe the ones who died were unlucky and those who survived were the lucky ones. You think it was simple chance or coincidence that they were there at that time. Had they missed the train, or stayed home to watch a TV show, or some other thing caused them to not be at that place at that exact time, then they would have survived. But this is not the case. All the participants, including the attackers, the survivors, and the victims, chose to be there.

Now, why would someone chose to be involved in a terrorist attack? Why would someone chose to be a victim in a school shooting? Why would anyone chose to involve themselves in any tragedy? It’s all done for one reason; the exhilaration of expansion.

There are certain aspects of this discussion that you might find difficult to understand given the rigidity of your current belief system. Since you believe that death is bad and life is always preferable, what we are about to tell you may be beyond your personal capacity at this point. However, once you understand this aspect of physical reality, everything else will make sense.

Prior to your birth you set certain intentions. Most of these intentions were general in nature. You intended to enjoy life, to expand through contrast, to experience joy, love, freedom, etc. Some of your intentions may have been more specific. You might have intended to have children and a family, you might have certain interests you wanted to explore. You might have chosen to experience poverty, or isolation, or great power. All of these things are aspects of physical reality which are available to be explored. From your nonphysical position, all experience is valid. You do not judge one experience of life as being preferable to another. It is equally valid to experience poverty as it is to experience wealth. You make preferences once you arrive here and if you chose to experience poverty prior to your birth, you did so by choosing the family you were born in to as well as the place and time of your birth. This you knew would set you on a trajectory to experience that which you came here to experience.

Why would so many come to experience the poverty? Because, in the nonphysical, there is no such thing as poverty, there is only abundance. Poverty cannot be experienced nonphysically because complete abundance is the only state you can experience in the nonphysical. Now, once you’ve experienced poverty in the physical realm, you can choose to experience something more. This contrast leads to what is preferred. Great exhilaration comes from the bounce you take from one experience to a preferred experience.

When you understand that you set intentions prior to your birth so that you might experience certain aspects of physical reality and expand as a result, you can start to understand how and why certain people chose to participate in this (and all other ) terrorist attacks. They came to be involved in the expansion of love that would be a result of this event. They came specifically to move humanity to a new place. You cannot see the vibrational effect of this event, but it is massive. The more innocent the victims appear, the more love is transferred to the people of France. If the victims were soldiers, for instance, the effect would not have been as great since the victims would not have been as innocent.

Those involved in the attacks did not give their lives, they simply played a part in the event. They were all exhilarated to be a part of this vibrational play which will cause humanity to reach a new level of love. Any of those who had made the intention to be a part of this event could have chosen not to be a part of it and many did. However, those who did play their roles, did not do so in sacrifice, but in joy. The victims and the attackers all chose this prior to their birth. As they transitioned to the nonphysical, they resumed their natural state of pure positive love and acceptance and they felt exhilarated.

It does not matter how long a life is. The duration is meaningless. A long life is not better than a brief one. You may life as many lives as you choose and prior to each one, you set certain intentions. This attack appeared to be massive and because of the technology of your modern times, more people were exposed to it than would have been possible at any prior time in your history. The death of these people appeared so profound a loss that it is causing a massive shift in consciousness. The holocaust caused a massive shift in consciousness as well, yet think of all who participated in that event.

Personally you do not wish to be a part of any tragic event and so you will not be. You have other interests you are here to explore. As long as you can see events such as these from the higher perspective, you will not draw your attention to them. As long as you personally understand that every person is here to explore a certain aspect of reality, you can allow others to do what they will do without you finding their actions wrong. As long as you do not consider anything to be wrong, you will not enlarge it with your attention to it. You can focus on what it is that you personally want and allow the others to do whatever they choose to do. Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe.