Dear Joshua,

I have been having a reoccurring dream this past week that is no doubt revealing an irrational fear. I feel this is a fear I’ve carried for a long time and it’s being presented to me now because I am ready to deal with it. It’s basically about people, sometimes strangers and sometimes my own family members, who want to hurt or kill me. I am running away or outsmarting them for my life. Can you give me guidance on how to further reduce and disassemble this fear?


Dear Melissa,

Will it help if we tell you that you are the creator of your reality? Will it help to learn that you are the sole creator of that reality and no one else can create in your reality? Maybe it will and maybe it won’t, but that does not change the fact that only you may create in your reality.

Will it help if we tell you that all death is suicide and if you were to be killed, it would be your decision? In fact, if anything happens to you, it can only happen for you. If you are attacked in some way, be that physically or emotionally, it is for your benefit. It is there to aid you in the exploration of physical reality as you intended. So then you never, ever need to worry, because it is impossible for anything bad to happen to you. However, you can still perceive that bad things might happen and so you will have to live in fear as a victim.

Here you are enrolled in a course that very few are ready for. You are learning that you are not a victim, you have just been living like one. Now you are exploring the possibility of living as a creator. In this new reality, it is impossible for anything bad to happen to you. However, you still believe it can and so your inner self is processing this conflict in your dreams.

Intellectually, you might understand that nothing bad can happen and that you are the creator and not a victim. But there is some momentum behind your old approach to life. You have lived with this belief for a long time and now you are endeavoring to soften it and to dismantle it. You are working on adopting new and empowering beliefs that contradict your old beliefs. Aren’t you glad you have the dream state where you can work out your conflicts in the peaceful and playful nonphysical realm. You do not have to experience any of these things in the physical realm. You do not have to focus on how bad it would be, you can appreciate how easy it really is because it’s happening in the best possible place; your dreams.

Take your attention away from that which you fear. Soften it by knowing that nothing bad need happen. You are not here to experience that. That is for other people who are choosing to explore victimhood. That’s not what you are choosing. You are choosing to explore the idea that you are the creator of your reality. You are exploring a completely different aspect of physical reality. However, it is worth noting that your feelings of personal insecurity are shared by many people and maybe, just maybe your soul’s purpose is to help these people see a different perspective. Maybe, just maybe, this is why you are here now.

With our love,
We are Joshua