We had a horrible car accident that occurred south of town, involving two cars. One car swerved to avoid a deer and collided with another car head-on in the oncoming lane. Four young women in the car that swerved were killed. They were not local women, but it nevertheless has effected witnesses, first responders, and the community. A few questions about this: First, what was it like for the women who transitioned so suddenly? Did they feel a moment of terror? Did they “exit” before the collision? Was this tragedy part of a predestined “soul plan” involving the women, the other driver, the deer, and the emergency personnel that had to respond? How are the women doing? Are they confused, angry, or at peace? Thanks!

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Matt,

From your perspective this accident seem like a great tragedy. It was neither an accident nor a tragedy. There are no accidents and tragedy can only come as a result of judgment based on a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, we see the events as unfolding perfectly according to plan. The deer and the driver of the other car were all part of the plan (or process).

You cannot know what led to the event of the four women coming together in that car, driving at that time, and agreeing to transition together. Each of them had a choice both before and after the event, yet all chose to participate and all were ready to transition at that time. Had they not been ready, they would not have been there at that exact moment. Had they chosen to continue this life, they would not have died in the accident. It was all chosen for their benefit and accomplished what was decided. It was all intentional; not at all an accident.

There are not accidents or coincidences in this reality. Everything that happens is part of the plan. It is orchestrated by the universe according to the Law of Attraction based on the vibrations of those involved. The women might have felt fear for the briefest of moments (if they were aware of what was happening) but it was over very quickly and they certainly did not suffer. Upon their transition they had no regrets and were very happy and pleased with their lives and all returned to a state of joy and unconditional, pure positive love.

You always choose if and when you die and at that time you may choose to remain in physical reality continuing your life or you may choose to transition to the nonphysical. This is your reality and at the soul level, you make these choices. The decision is always based on what you want and what you know is best for you. So there is never any remorse or regrets of any kind. When you return to nonphysical, you will be overjoyed by the life you had even if you can’t see how that’s possible from your current perspective. Everything is right, always and forever. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Everything happens for you, never to you.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you can count. They are all your nonphysical friends and they say you have nothing to worry about.