Dear Joshua,

Thank you for the response to my question. I appreciate your time and insight into this matter.

I agree with some of what Joshua said about my personality and how I approach life. However, more questions have come up regarding these statements. Twenty years ago, how was I supposed to know that pain in my body was a signal to change something in my life or my way of thinking? This does not seem right. Why would my higher self allow me to suffer for 20 years?

Your recommendation says that I must undergo a radical change in how I think and live. You also say I must start thinking of myself as the person I really am. I’m confused by this. Who is the real me?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again,

Dear Martina,

It is with great joy that we are able to lead you to another level of understanding in regard to your question. We are only attempting to lead you to a new perspective on life. Once you can see your situation from our perspective, your beliefs will change and your condition will improve. We are not seeking to show you how to eradicate your pain, we are simply wanting you to change your attitude towards your life and in the process your pain will remove itself from your attention. As Gary had stated earlier, the easing of your pain will be the side effect of your new outlook on life.

Let’s return to the beginning of your pain. We said that your pain was a message that your thoughts, attitudes, and approach to life needed some corrections in order for you to attain what you wanted at the time. Your inner self gave you the message in the form of pain because it would be an obvious signal. However, you, like most humans, believe that pain is a part of life and its message is to be ignored or at least subjugated. Back then the pain was minor compared to the pain now. It may have seemed intense but that was only because it was new. You have since built up a tolerance to the pain. So for the message to reach you the pain must grow in intensity.

The message from your inner self was made out of love, not some punishment of any kind. You had desires but your thoughts and approach to life were in conflict with those desires. Your most important desire was to be who you really are. We will talk more about that later.

Also, we use the term inner self rather than higher self. The higher self implies that the you that remains in the nonphysical realm is somehow superior to the you that is here in the physical realm. This is not accurate. Your inner self is you but has the ability to see your world from a broader perspective and knows who you really are. So in that respect all that your inner self is trying to do is guide you to what you really want.

Your inner self communicates with you through many avenues. The most prevalent is your thoughts. However, if you do not realize that this communication exists, or if your thoughts are going full speed all the time, you wont hear the communication. You inner self also communicates with you through your emotions. If you feel good, you’re on track. If you feel anger, frustration, hatred, or any negative emotion, it is a message from your inner self that you are looking at the situation in a way that is not helping you to reach your desires. And the last method of communication is through pain, illness, or some other manifestation. If you do not receive the message, the message must, through the law of expansion, get louder.

Now let’s talk about the radical change in your approach to life. Imagine that you are on a bicycle ride and you’re going up hill. It is difficult work riding up hill but you believe that it is good for you to go up. You encounter pain as you continue to peddle up hill and you somehow believe this pain is good. You might even say, “no pain, no gain.” Then we come along and tell you that in order to reduce the pain that you say you do not want you must make a radical change in your approach to life. So we tell you to turn your bike around and coast down hill.

What is interesting is that this is what most people would see as an obvious way to relieve the pain. Yet you cannot believe that there would be any benefit to coasting downhill. There is no work in that, therefore there could be no benefit. It flies in the face of everything you believe. But we say if you want the pain to be removed from your attention, this is what you must do. COAST DOWN HILL

Do you understand now what we are saying – that life is meant to be easy. That the easy way is the best way. You do not need to work so hard to make everything the way you want. You just have to let it be and it will become better in time. You must start to realize that the conditions come from your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You created the conditions. When you look at these conditions and dislike what you see, you are actually disliking your own creation and that causes inner conflict and pain. You must come to love and appreciate the conditions and then work with your thoughts to create improved conditions over time.

We are talking here about the basis of the mechanism of physical reality and there are more concepts you must learn in order to understand more of what we are saying. It would help for you to read our first book “A Perception Of Reality.” This book will give you a better understanding of some basic concepts and tools that will help you gain a better perspective on this subject.

Now let’s talk about our favorite subject which is how to discover who you really are. This is an easy one for you because it is so apparent to all around you but you. Before you were born into this physical reality you made a set of intentions about the kind of life you wanted to live. Your intentions were made to help you navigate this environment and explore those aspects of physical reality that would aid in your expansion.

Most of your intentions were general in nature such as the intention to be free, to be happy, to love and be loved, to experience abundance, and other such intentions. Some of your intention were more specific and pertained to what you wanted to explore while you were here. You chose your parents and the time and place of your birth in order to best facilitate these intentions for this new experience.

Your primary intention was to create this life that you are now living and to live as who you really are. The process of this self-discovery is exhilarating and as you approach being who you really are you are excited, in love, in joy, happy, and absolutely passionate about life. Are you experiencing these emotions now? If not you are not yet discovering who you really are.

Let’s remind you who you really are because we know that if you think about it there is no question in your mind as to who you really are. You are worthy and that is absolute. You are as worthy as any who have ever lived and any who will ever live. You are unique to all the world. Now one quite like you has ever existed and no one like you will ever exist in the future. You are a powerful creator and when you align with your desires you can create magnificently. You are the essence of love and confidence in physical form. You are wise. You are free. You are secure. You are limitless.

You know these things to be true but you judge yourself to be less than these things and that causes inner conflict which results in pain. As you release yourself from your own judgement and the judgement of others, you will become to see the qualities in yourself that align with those qualities of who you really are. The only thing keeping you apart from who you really are is your judgement and your doubt.

Doubt and fear keep you from discovering who you really are. If you lived your life without doubt and fear, and your attention was focused on your passions and interests, you would become who you really are. But fear keeps you from exploring your passions and interests fully. You believe if you follow an interest and you find that it is not fulfilling or that you are not good at it, you will want to quit. But there is no quit in you. So you keep yourself away from what you want for fear of failure.

It is time to ease up on yourself and simplify your life. Stop watching the news, stop listening to others complaining, stop complaining yourself, start quieting your mind through meditation, start looking for things that interest you and if you want you can quit or fail and move on to something else. Start exploring more and finding what it is you like. Start reading more and feel for the resonance in everything you read.

Start intending to be in a better mood. Pay attention to how you feel. Intend to be light and easy about the world around you. Don’t try to be right and simply allow others to be wrong. Fake a better mood until you get used to it. Don’t try to erase the pain, let the intensity of the pain diminish on its own as you spend more time in appreciation of your life. Start to feel better on purpose. Ask to feel good, not for the pain to go away.

We hope you will consider what we have said here and we want you to ask more clarifying questions as the come to you. Start thinking about what we have said and see if there is anything that sounds right to you. You have lived a certain way for a long time and there is so much momentum. Your life is like a large ship in the ocean and we are merely a paddle. You must stick that paddle in the water. Eventually the ship will start to turn. When you believe that what we are saying is for your highest good, you will begin to turn that ship in the direction that will support what you really want and you will start to allow yourself to be who you really are.

You are completely loved.