Dear Joshua,

For many years, 20 plus, I have experienced nearly constant lower back pain and neck pain. (I think the lower back pain may have been a result of a pulled muscle). I never let this slow me down or prevent me from doing any activities. I am a personal trainer and I work out almost every day. I have had countless chiropractic visits over the years with varying degrees of relief. None of which has corrected the problem. This leads me to believe the pain must be from a vibrational misalignment.

Recently, I have experienced bouts of almost unbearable neck pain which radiates into my shoulder. It will resolve to a “manageable” level after a day or two but never goes away. I would like guidance as to how I can resolve the problem and correct my vibrational stance so the pain goes away


Dear Martina,

Thank you for your important question. Our answer will help you tremendously as well as many others who have similar issues with pain and other chronic bodily conditions. We appreciate that you are understanding that this is a vibrational issue, not a physical issue. You will resolve this issue by working on your vibration, not fixing your body. We will start by acknowledging that nothing with your body is wrong. That everything that you have experienced is simply the manifestation of your habit of being over an extended period of time. Once you change the way you view your life, your conditions and the people in your life, your pain will fade away. However, as with any condition which has persisted over time, the condition has become a part of who you are. Therefore, you must change who have been and become who you really are.

There is the version of you that have been living and there is a higher version of you. You will need to seek that higher version. This has been your objective your entire life, but you have been resisting the work that must be done to bring you to this version. You hold on to the pain as an excuse to not live up to who you really are. This is a very common situation.

In order for you to receive the benefit of our answer, you must release your stubborn attachment to what you think is true or not true. For you to move forward, you must allow us to enter the realm of your possibility. You must have faith that what we are telling you is for your benefit and is the absolute truth. You must release your limiting beliefs about who you are for they hold you apart from who you are meant to be.

All unwanted bodily conditions stem from inner conflict. You want something but you hold yourself apart from what is wanted. If you just went with the flow of life and allowed ease into your life, you would not have any unwanted bodily conditions. But for you, it is like you’ve been rowing upstream most of your life. You are paddling against the current of what is. You have been fighting the conditions of your life. You are constantly thinking that this should not be as it is and that should be different and why isn’t this working and why are these people acting this way. That is fighting against the current of life and that is the cause of your pain. If you find yourself annoyed with someone, or something, that is your pain. If you find yourself complaining about something, that is the basis of your pain.

We are not going to fix you because nothing is wrong. The pain is just an indication of your pattern of thought, your chronic view of life, and your belief that things need to be fixed in order for you to be happy. You can’t have things fixed and then be happy. That is the reverse of how it works. You can’t relieve your pain and then go on to be who you want to be. You must become who you want to be and then your pain will ease and fade. You can’t change who you are in order to relieve the pain. You must be content with the pain, acknowledging that it is the pain that brought you to us, that gave you this answer, and that it was the pain that finally led you to become who you have always wanted to be. You change and then the conditions will change.

It is interesting to see how you first started to notice the pain but did not change. The pain was a message but its message was ignored. You went to healers for a cure, but they could not initiate the change that needed to take place. The only cure is for you to start living as you intended prior to your birth. Once you stop holding back you will start to flourish and you will feel better than you have felt since childhood.

If we were to tell you that there is a treatment for your pain, would you try it? If we told you there was a healer who used herbs, physical manipulation and acupuncture and could cure you, would you visit her? If the treatment took two visits per day, consisting of two hours per visit and cost $200 per treatment would you endure the treatment. If the treatment lasted two years, but you were cured forever, would you still endure the treatment? If you would, then what we will ask of you will seem easy by comparison. If you would not then you have already decided to live with your condition.

Here is our recommendation. This will be very difficult for you to do because you have lived a certain way for a very long time and what we are going to ask of you will be extreme given who you have been up to this moment in time. But, had you not been this strong willed, this stubborn, you would never have been brought to this important moment in your life. Everything you have lived up to this moment has been perfect so that you have been brought to this place where you now stand. Are you prepared for your treatment?

You must undergo a radical, all-encompassing change in the way you have been living life up to this point. At first you will find the change difficult, but as time goes by you will begin to enjoy the change. In less than a year you will look back at this moment and not even recognize the person you were just a year before. In this change you are not required to quit your job, move to a mountain or abandon your friends and family. The change we are asking for all takes place inside. You must decide to change your mind.

We are asking you to create a balance between what you experience in your outer world and what you experience in the inner world of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, moods etc. Start seeing everything as right and good. Start viewing every person as loving and kind. Allow for the conditions around you to be as they are and start to appreciate the beauty and loveliness of everything in your life. Start appreciating yourself and start to love yourself as you know how loving and wonderful you are.

Pay attention to your mood and seek to feel good regardless of the pain. Make it a priority to be in a good mood and do not ever let the conditions you observe take you out of your good mood. Allow the conditions to improve over time but never strive to attack the conditions as the exist in the moment. Allow everything to be as it is and start believing that it is all good.

Start to meditate for 15 minutes each and every day of your life. Don’t make excuses or give reasons why you cannot meditate. Make it your first priority every day. You have lived too long in the outer world and now it is time to reconnect with your inner world. Be patient and allow yourself time to move toward inner peace.

Stop being right for being right is a self defense mechanism. You are worthy and you do not need to prove yourself to anyone. Allow others to have their opinions and allow them to be wrong. It is not your place to create in the lives of others.

Start thinking of yourself as the person who you really are. Start thinking bigger. Start being bolder. Start caring more about yourself and more about others. Start living the life you want to live regardless of the pain, the doubt, or the fear. Stop making excuses. Start doing only that which excites you. Stop worrying for there is nothing to worry about. Start having fun every single day. Make your passions and interests the focus of your daily activities. Stop caring what others think.

But most important of all, start appreciating your pain rather than condemning it. It is the pain that has brought you to this place on the edge of becoming who you really are. We know who that person is and we think you’re magnificent.

You are loved so much more than you can imagine by so many who are cheering you on.