Hi Joshua,

Since we choose everything, why would anybody choose to have a disability?

Example; with my own hearing loss, I’ve been challenged to hear teachers, family and friends through mumbled conversations all my life and quite often unsuccessfully. My career and social options have also been limited.

As my hearing declines I feel even more isolated from people and my options. I’m tired from the constant struggle to simply hear. I see how people with normal hearing are able to take for granted their ease to converse and I have to ask why would I or anyone choose a hearing loss or any disability?


Dear Lorraine,

We understand that from your perspective, a alteration of one of your physical senses might seem like a bad thing, however, there is no bad anywhere in the universe. That means the impression that you cannot hear as well as other people is not wrong either. There is no wrong. In fact, everything is right. You might choose to label something as a disability, but that is your choice. From our point of view, we would call it a unique way in which you explore your world.

No two people perceive reality in the same way. Every single person is unique. Every life experience is completely different from any life that has ever been experienced or will ever be experienced. You choose this uniqueness so that each time you come to explore reality it will be explored like no other has ever or will ever explore it. This is an important and fundamental aspect of physical reality. Every life form comes to experience life in a way that has never been experienced before. You chose your parents, the time and place of your birth, and your body complete with all its attributes because you knew that this would launch you on a trajectory that would enable you to explore reality in the way you intended prior to your birth. There was something you wanted to learn more about and so you chose to alter the ability of your sense of hearing. This was a choice you made.

You could have come to explore poverty, abandonment, fear, or many other things. It might have been a subject you’ve explored many times before. In this experience of life, you chose to come into life from a new angle and the way you interact with physical reality was altered so that you could look at life from a new perspective. You could have been born blind and this would not be wrong, it would simply be a unique way to experience reality. You could have been born without arms or legs and even this would not be wrong. It doesn’t matter the condition, it has to do with the perspective. You could be upset that you we born a woman, or born where you were born, or raised by people you thought were bad, or even the fact that you had relationships that did not last. There are many reasons to feel like you got the short end of the stick, but the reality is that you chose to live life in joy, no matter what the conditions were.

You can find many, many reasons not to be happy. You might think that if only this thing was different, that your life would have been better. It would not, because the conditions have nothing to do with how you feel. There are happy deaf people and unhappy people who hear perfectly well. There are happy and unhappy blind people. There are happy and unhappy rich and poor people. The conditions do not matter, it’s how you approach life that makes all the difference.

There is an approach to life which looks at the outside conditions and uses those conditions to explain why the person is not happy. This is a common, but ineffective approach to life. It is contrary to the laws of the universe. It cannot work. In order to receive the life experience that you prefer, you must embrace a radically new approach to life. In this new approach to life, you cannot call anything bad or wrong. Unfortunately, labeling something as wrong goes against the laws of the universe. Fortunately, you can change the way you approach life.

When you call something wrong, you choose the path of resistance. This universe has one primary law and that is the Law of Attraction. This law states that like attracts like; not dislike repels dislike. You receive that which you want, but you cannot fight against anything in order to make it go away. The more you fight against something you consider wrong, the more intense it becomes. If you don’t like something, ignore it. If you can’t ignore it, then change it so that it is perceived as good rather than bad.

You cannot rid yourself of the unique way you perceive the world through sound. You must embrace the unique way you perceive the world through sound in combination with all of your other senses. Do you realize that you perceive the world in a very unique way? Do you know that you have the ability to read body language that is far more enhanced than other people? Do you know that your other senses are heightened? You might assume that you are less than in this one area, but have you ever considered that you have some enhanced perceptual abilities in other areas? This is always the case.

Had you learned that your “disability” was actually a new and unique way to perceive reality and not a disability at all, you would have approached life very differently. Had you been taught that your unique set of perceptual tools was enhanced overall, you would have had a bit more confidence and viewed life from a higher perspective. It is not too late. You can start now. There are things you can do now that others your age cannot. Do you want to figure that out and explore that more or do you want to remain attached to the notion that you have something wrong with you? It is your choice.

Having something wrong with you is a convenient excuse. It allows you to get away with so much. Your problems can be explained by this overreaching aspect of your persona. However, you have no disability other than the habit of believing you are less than you really are.

With all our love and admiration for the life you are living,
We are Joshua