Dear Joshua,

Thank you Joshua for replying to my last email. Another question, then possibly a hundred more to come as I go along lol, my apologies in advance. What about physical issues/pain ie. back pain or a boil or fluid in your head, is it just random issues that occur in the physical reality or are they linked to some limiting belief and self created?

Thank you again,

Dear Lizie,

All unwanted physical conditions stem from resistance. Initially, you receive a thought. If you feel negative emotion when pondering that thought, you are expressing some resistance to the thought. The thought seems bad or wrong to you. Imagine waking up in the morning. You might think, “I woke up too early. I should have slept more. Now I will feel tired throughout the day.” Or you might wake and think, “I woke up too late. Now I will have to rush all day to get things done.” The resistance to that thought then dips you into a lower emotional state of being and you think, “I should have done things differently. My sleep should have been different than it was.” Since the amount of sleep was exactly right as it was, but you are resistant to what did happen (the resistance to what is), you perceive that if things were different you would feel better. However, what did happen was perfect. It does not need to be different than it was for you to do what you need to do. Therefore, your resistance is not necessary. If you could process the limiting belief that caused you to perceive that something wrong happened, you would ease your resistance right from the start.

Do you see that your first thought of the day was resistant? Do you understand that your next thought and the thought after that are also resistant? Can you understand that so many of your thoughts are resistant and that you exist in a state of resistance to what is all day long? If you can truly begin to realize that most of your thoughts are resistant, you can now look at the limiting beliefs that cause resistant thoughts, rather than trying to make things different than they are. This is the act of allowing and receiving and having faith. This is the new approach to life. By thinking things should be different than they are, you are exploring life as a victim and not the creator of your reality. The creator has a different perspective. She sees that everything is right as it is. She maintains her alignment. She does not complain or ask for the conditions, or people (or especially herself) to be different than they are. She endeavors to perceive how everything could be right as it is.

You ignore the resistant thought and you do not process your limiting beliefs. More resistant thoughts come and you call the subject of those thoughts wrong. You ignore all of your resistant thoughts and so the universe takes it up a notch. Now the universe orchestrates events designed to capture your attention. These are called manifestation events. Something happens in your reality and as a reaction, you feel negative emotion. You call the event wrong. You call the people involved in the event wrong. You judge yourself to be wrong. In doing this, you blame the outside conditions for how you feel. You perceive that the event caused your negative emotion. And so you seek to avoid such events. You do not process your limiting beliefs, you simply wish things were different.

You go all day receiving resistant thoughts and you ignore them. You encounter manifestation events all day long and you blame the event for making you feel bad. You have now increased the intensity of your limiting beliefs and you live life in fear of negative emotion. You organize your life to avoid negative emotion, but this cannot work. Since you have desires, you must become a vibrational match to those desires. The universe will continue to help you become a vibrational match to all of those desires. The work is to uncover your limiting beliefs so that you can change your resistant beliefs and see yourself from a higher perspective. If you continue to ignore your limiting beliefs, the manifestation events will grow stronger. Soon the events will involve your physical body.

You ignore resistant thoughts. You ignore manifestation events. You ignore mild bodily conditions. Soon the conditions will grow even stronger and hopefully you will not ignore those. If your pain is mild, think about your resistance now. If the pain is stronger, look at your resistance to it and to everything else in your life. Your unwanted bodily condition is a sign of a pattern of resistance. Reorganize your life to reduce the intensity of that resistance. Do whatever you can to feel good. See yourself as a creator and not a victim. See yourself from a higher perspective. Understand that there is no wrong. You are perfect as you are even with your unwanted physical conditions. There is no need for anything to change in order for you to feel good and become an effective creator. The only thing you must do is adopt a radical new approach to life.

There is no wrong. Everything is right. This is a new perspective. This is ease and acceptance. In resistance, you fight against the design of the system and you suffer for it. In ease and acceptance, you move with the flow of life. You accept everything as right and good. You understand that there is no wrong. You endeavor not to be secure, not to be loved, not to be admired or even liked. You endeavor to see yourself from the perspective of absolute perfection. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Your issues all stem from your limited perspective of yourself as flawed.

If you perceive yourself as perfect as you are right now, with all of the problems you perceive you have, you will see yourself as you truly are. If this was the case, if you could know yourself for this perspective, there would be no need for any unwanted physical conditions. You perceive that the unwanted bodily conditions prove that you’re flawed. The irony is that your perception of yourself as flawed attracts the unwanted bodily conditions. Do you see that now?

If you are perfect and you live in a loving and attractive universe, then you receive whatever you believe. If you believe that you are perfect, that others are perfect and that the conditions are perfect as they are, then you must experience that reality. If you are a perfect being and you perceive imperfections about anything, then your beliefs must be made true in your reality. You could not have problems without the perception that you are flawed in some way. It would not make sense. The design of the system is the mirror to what you believe. Radically change your beliefs and you radically change your reality. The only way you will receive a new reality is by perceiving that your current reality is perfect as it is. That includes perceiving yourself as perfect in every single way and in every single moment.

With our love,
We are Joshua