Dear Joshua,

Thank you for your previous answer regarding my health.

I would like to know, specifically, what I can do to return my mouth to normal and rid myself of the headaches and nausea. Should I have the tests my doctor ordered? Should I take the HCI Acid my other doctor ordered? What should I do? I want to feel good.


Dear Lili,

Thank you for your wonderful question and we know we are going to be able to answer this difficult question in a way that will serve you the best in the long term. You are a powerful mover of energy and your unwanted bodily conditions are simply a manifestation of inner feelings and tightly held beliefs. Change your perspective and you will change the way you view your world. If you can ease up on yourself and allow yourself to be who you really are, your unwanted physical conditions will vanish and you will one day wake up and realize they are not there.

We are not asking you to forego any medical treatment or test as they may also lead you to resolving your inner conflicts. But we want you to realize that all unwanted physical conditions are simply the physical manifestation of inner conflict and stress. The way to relieve the inner conflict is to identify contrasting beliefs that you hold about yourself.

You can see that you hold conflicting beliefs about who you are and how you act because the unwanted physical conditions have manifested themselves in your own body. These unwanted conditions center around your mouth and your head in the form of headaches and mouth sores. So what are these physical conditions telling you? What do headaches have to do with? What do mouth sores have to do with? Headaches have to do with what you are consistently thinking about and mouth sores have to do with what you are consistently talking about. You are thinking thoughts that conflict with the belief that you are worthy. This is causing your headaches. You are speaking words that conflict with your natural sense of well-being and happiness. This is what is causing the sores in your mouth.

If you see a doctor and somehow treat the physical issues with drugs or surgery, you may find relief from the maladies. But unless you learn how to control the thoughts you think and the words you speak, you will only prolong the problem and you will experience the manifestation of your thoughts and words in other ways.

Your unwanted physical conditions are messengers telling you that you must change your way of thinking and talking now. You must start to focus your attention on how wonderful life is now. You must really learn to appreciate how good the conditions are now. You must thank those around you for reflecting back to you what you are feeling inside. You must alter the way you feel, finally and fully in order to change the thoughts and words that come to you.

Thoughts are attracted to you from the way you feel. If you feel bad, you will receive thoughts that make you feel bad. Those thoughts, when expressed into words, are even more powerful. Reach for a better feeling through a strong desire to feel just a little bit better in each moment. Do not allow yourself to feel badly towards your body for it is simply expressing how you feel in physical form.

You have come here to express yourself in many ways and to learn from this experience. Your life has been one in which you are meant to overcome self doubt and realize your own unique power over reality. You are a powerful creator and your manifestations are powerful as well. You can be, do, or have anything you desire but you must align your beliefs so that there is no inner conflict which results in the manifestation of unwanted physical conditions.

The easiest way to align your beliefs is to alter your perspective. Imagine that you were a slave all of your life. You lived under the rule of a tyrant and you’ve finally made your escape. You may still suffer from injuries left by your owner, but now you are free. Those injuries are nothing compared to the new life you face full of hope and possibility. With your shackles removed you can see that the future is indeed bright. Relish your new stance and realize that you actually feel much better than when you were a slave. See what you have as a wonderful gift from the universe. Realize that the conditions around you are extraordinary.

You have come a long way from your life as an imprisoned slave to you new life full oflove and creation. Things are wonderful. See the present conditions as perfect. Accept that you have a few small issues as does everyone but realize that these issues have little effect on the incredibly wonderful life you finally have. This is you best life so far. You have always dreamed of a life like this and you have finally made it. Things are only going to get better from here. There is nothing to worry about so right now it’s finally time to stop worrying. You cannot fail. You will always be given everything you need. So relax and enjoy life and think no more of your physical conditions. Accept them as part of your life and realize that life is so much more than the relatively small nuisance that these conditions represent. Once you change your perspective about your life, your unwanted physical conditions will gradually disappear.

You are a powerful creator and you have gifts that other people could not handle. You must acknowledge your power and come into being the you you know you are. Others have no affect on your life.You are the center of your universe. Do only what you really want to do and don’t worry about the others. Live by your rules and you will attract others who want to play by those rules.

But most of all you must accept the conditions as they are in the moment. Do not try to change anything in the moment. It is simply a reflection. Love the reflection and then it will improve on its own. Hate the reflection and it will get worse. Realize that everything is fine and there is nothing you have to do. Your wanting alone is so powerful that if you relax you will be inspired to do things that excite you. If you aren’t thrilled to do something, then don’t do it. It will only cause more stress. Live to your highest excitement at every moment and you will live fully and all your problems will vanish on their own.

We hope this gives you something to think about from a whole new perspective. We want you to focus on happiness first. Do what makes you happy and and you’ll gain momentum towards feeling happy. Try not to rid yourself of your unwanted physical conditions through effort. Stop judging yourself and start loving yourself. You are indeed perfect as you are and there is no need for improvement. So again, read this letter over and over and soon you’ll understand that nothing is wrong and everything is okay as it is. Ask us many questions and you’ll gain even more clarity. We came here because you wanted us to come. How powerful is that?