Dear Joshua,

What can I do to think good thoughts about my health when I feel terrible?


Dear Lili,

We understand how powerfully you are asking this question and we want you first to know that everything you are doing is right. There is nothing wrong with you, your health or your life. Our answer to your question can only be viewed through the filter of your overall set of beliefs and predominance of thought. You can only understand our answer to your question from your current perspective. But, we know that at a vibrational level, you will receive the full benefit of our answer.

You are a very powerful creator, more powerful than you know. You understand the laws and mechanism of the universe at a very deep level. Your quest for expansion is great and you desire expansion from a fundamental level. However, given your set of beliefs that you hold on to rather tightly, you feel overwhelmed by the expansion you have created in your life. Your energies are conflicting. You believe in the power of your ability to create and thus you create magnificently. Since you are holding back somewhat, due to your limiting beliefs about your worthiness, you are in inner conflict. As you realize you are worthy of all that you desire, you will catch up to your creations, relieve the conflict and feel better.

You have always had a firm belief that you were healthy. You exude health from the inside and you are a remarkable healthy person. However, your conflict between your creative abilities and your feelings of unworthiness manifest themselves in the one area you have always felt most worthy, your health.

The unworthiness you feel in your creative abilities (which is completely unfounded), manifests itself in an area you most felt worthy, your physical body and your health. As soon as you start believing in your true worthiness as a creator and your brilliant abilities to use the powers of the universe, you will be relieved of inner conflict and thus your physical body will return to its natural state of well-being.

Your solution, as always, lies within. Trust in your abilities, go with the flow of your life, as fast as that flow is, and you’ll resolve your conflicts. See your accomplishments as the incredible achievements in manifestation that they are and allow yourself to feel your own power. Believe in yourself and release the negativity of others who can only stand back and watch you as you soar. They, from their perspective, will have either feelings of envy and jealousy or feelings of pride and inspiration. That is their issue not yours. You live life on your terms and do not allow yourself to be influenced by others.

Their influence over the years may have led you to a belief that is not helpful. It is the belief that you must prove yourself to others in order to get their approval. This is not the case and is not possible anyhow. You have nothing to prove. Look for the positive in every situation and do not try to change the conditions in the moment. Momentum has led you here and momentum will lead you to an even better place. There is nothing wrong with your present condition. Simply go easier on the present conditions and it will lead you to a better place. You cannot take inspired action from a place of doubt, so the only action you need take is that of feeling better and trusting in your abilities.

You will not receive all we have intended to say in this short letter. You are now reading a book that will be very helpful to you and to others. You were a large part of the creation of the book and your great wanting helped to bring it forth into physical reality. As you read the words we’ve written here and in the book, you will find relief. As you reread these words and re-read the book from an improved emotional state of being you will gain an even deeper understanding. So re-read these words often and work on altering the hindering belief that you are not worthy. We can see your vibration and we know the complete worthiness that is you.

You are loved more than you know.