Hello Joshua –

How are you? Have you seen any of my dogs that have gone to spirit? Kahlua and Guinness? Please tell them I love them to the moon and back. : )

Anyway, my real question today is about my struggles with poor body image and my odd eating habits most of my life, starting when my father moved out of my moms’ house. The many many diets, and endless working out. What is this about and why are most of my hobbies surrounded around eating or working out?

How do I heal a poor body image? And how will I finally learn how to eat properly and not obsess about my weight? I am over it. I really just want to be free and not think about my weight or when I am working out next …

I would love to feel that I have made peace with this in my life.

How? What are my steps to growing out of this stage of my life?

Thank you Joshua with all my love.

Lots of love, appreciation and gratitude.

Dear Kimmie,

All of your issues come from trying to control your conditions in order to feel good. You are resisting who you really are by your desire and thirst for control. Give up all control and learn to live in harmony with how life is at this moment and you will be inspired to do all things that resonate with who you really are.

You chose a childhood that you knew would cause you to adopt some deep limiting beliefs. In your childhood, you perceived that if you could only control the conditions, you would feel better. This is a strong and debilitating belief and it has led you on this trajectory of self-discovery. That is exactly what you intended. You wanted to explore this idea of control and you have fully explored it to your satisfaction. Now it is time to explore the other side of control.

Acceptance is the other side of control. It is time to radically change your approach to life from that of control and fear to that of love and acceptance. It is up to you to realize that control brought you to us, we taught you that control is based in fear and that all things based in fear are not going to lead you to that which you truly want. The actions taken out of fear and control have no power to create real change. They are simply limiting. Now it is time to engage universal forces and accept what is.

What is is perfect. What is is right. What is is good. There is no need to change what is. You cannot change it from a place of control anyway. All you can do is completely and absolutely accept it and then allow yourself to move to a place you prefer, without arguing for your limitations by saying that anything is wrong as it is right now.

Complete and absolute acceptance of your body as it is will lead you to receive inspiration to take action. Complete and absolute acceptance of your diet as it is right now will lead you to inspiration to take action. When you take action from an urge to control conditions, it has no power. When you love and accept everything as it is, you create a stance of acceptance and you receive inspiration to act. In that inspiration contains all the power of the universe. This is the power and energy that builds galaxies and worlds. This is the only power you ever want to leverage. When you do, you will find ease.

With our love,
We are Joshua