Hello Joshua,

I have been listening to your podcasts over and over for about 6 months now and I have read so far the Joshua Diet. What you say rings so true to me. I am turning 59 tomorrow (!) and when I was 19, I had a SEVERELY overwhelming anxiety attack. From that day on I’ve been very tense and held my body in a holding pattern and had a pattern of physically tensing my body when stressed and difficulty releasing it (actually I don’t know how). I also developed a feeling of not trusting myself about important matters like being sure I shut off the stove, doors are locked or being anxious when put in situations of responsibility surrounding safety. I have difficulty getting good results from meditation because I feel so tense. Yoga is helpful and I like that but I feel fairly relaxed until the next situation that I react to by tensing myself.

I recently got your meditations and I like them as well as the Joshua Diet Playbook which I have been journaling in. I feel like I am missing something specific for my needs as far as my fear of trusting myself. What would you think would be some specific affirmations for me and what should I meditate upon that would be most helpful? I am so very thankful to have “stumbled” upon you!

I would very much appreciate any insight you could give me… and thank you.


Dear Kim,

We would start by suggesting a new perspective. Think of yourself like this: You are the creator of your reality. You are a master creator and an explorer. You came to this reality to explore life in a way that has never been explored by anyone ever before or ever again. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are a master of the exploration of physical reality. As a master, you choose to explore life in a way that would challenge your skills. You chose the time and place of your birth, your parents, and the conditions surrounding your youth because you new you would adopt certain beliefs that would lead you on a trajectory to explore that which you intended to explore. You have done everything perfectly so that you would be here now. You have found us and you are interested in the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. Today is the day you start to incorporate everything you have lived and everything you now know so that you can create the life you prefer.

Everything has worked out perfectly to bring you here. The conditions in your life as they now exist are perfectly complete and organized so that you can move to the next phase of your exploration. You are perfect as you are in every way and you cannot get any better than you are right now. You cannot improve because you cannot be more perfect. You can expand and you do so with every experience. There is nothing to accomplish now other than feeling good. In feeling good, you will create a life you prefer.

You will not feel better when you “fix” your anxiety. There is nothing wrong with your feelings. You cannot know whether or not you feel more or less anxious than anyone else. The fact is that as you exist now, you are somewhere in the middle between those who feel intense anxiety and those who feel mild anxiety. That feeling is not bad, because it causes you to seek new ways of living and the anxiety ultimately led you to us and that is very good. You are one of the very few who has raised their vibration high enough to attract us into their life. The anxiety did this for you and so it is very good. See the anxiety as a gift rather than a curse and it will no longer be necessary. If you fight against anything, you draw more of it into your reality. Your focus of attention on what is wrong causes what is wrong to be drawn to you. See it as right and you allow it to fade.

Meditation and yoga will help you understand your thoughts. You believe that your automated reactions to thoughts and events is natural. You feel something and you tense up. This is normal and understandable, but not natural. In a natural world, free from the fears imposed by your society, you would not feel irrational fear so intensely. You feel fear and so you tense up. You are not looking at your fear from the proper perspective. You are looking at life from a limited perspective. When you stop and analyze your fear, you will create a new momentum to a better-feeling life.

This is a feeling reality and all that ever matters is how you feel. You feel anxious and tense at every little thing. You do not have to ever feel anxious and tense. It is simply a habit of reaction. You receive a thought and that is a thought of fear. Instead of analyzing the thought, deciding whether it is rational or not, and dismissing the irrational fears, you approach every fear as if it was a real threat without ever thinking more about it. That behavior is simply programmed through years of unconscious thinking. Now you can begin the long and deliberate process of analyzing every thought of fear.

“I feel fear. Is this a rational or irrational fear? Is this thing I fear going to lead to my death today? If so, I will consider this fear rational and I will do whatever is necessary to change the conditions. If I judge the fear to be irrational, meaning it cannot lead to my death today, then I will process it by proving it false. If I receive the fear that I left the stove on, I will look at that fear and process it. Is that fear rational? No, I will not die just because the stove is on. If it is on, I will turn it off when I come home. I have rarely left the stove on and it is unlikely that it’s on right now. Just because the stove is on doesn’t mean the house will burn down. If the house burns down, that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. I can look at all fears and instead of tensing up, I will deliberately and consciously talk my way through each and every one until I feel better.”

“I am a master explorer. I am fully equipped and capable of this exploration. Nothing can harm me in this reality. I am eternal and safe. I am able to experience fear and then process that fear. I am able to see my limiting beliefs and prove them all to be false. I create my own reality and I can create a reality I prefer through the act of analyzing and processing fear. I no longer choose to blindly accept and automatically respond to fear. I shall now look fear in the face and stand up to it. I am not a victim, therefore nothing can happen to me. I am a creator and I create my own reality through the thoughts I choose to think and the feelings I choose to feel. From this day forward, I choose to feel good!”

With our love,
We are Joshua