Dear Joshua,

Hello. I love you guys. I have a question with a situation that I am hoping you feel inspired to answer.

Towards the end of last year I received inspiration to have cosmetic surgery. It is something I had thought about over the years and for many reasons never did it. It cost too much money, it is vain to do something so drastic, I can’t get the time off work, and finally when I was diagnosed with lupus I figured no Doctor. would touch me. Finally, one day my husband when asking me why don’t I look into it and I was listing my usual list of “fears” of why not to do it I realized, WAIT! All I have to do is step one go see a Doctor so I did.

Before I went, and especially because I have enjoyed raising my vibration by listening to you and the community of FOJ’s, I got still within myself and asked myself, am I happy with the body I have now? “Yes.” Then why would I do this? “Because it seems fun and exciting and the thought of wearing a new style clothes and enjoying a new body would be fun!” I made the appointment and the Dr said YES I can work with you it will be fun, amazing, and you’ll love it.

All of a sudden, I did have the money, my work even gave me free time off (I had a fear of taking time off work and returning to full physical ability quickly after), and the Doctor had an opening soon! Just like we know it can, everything happened like magic! Here comes the question part… upon completion of my makeover I was happy! The Doctor did tell me it will take about 1 year for everything to truly be healed. Then at my 3 month follow up appointment I asked him if my breast were going to go down in swelling any more he said no… not really maybe a tiny bit but not noticeable… and I thought OH, because I feel they are too big. I did not say that to the Doctor.

Now a month later I have really been thinking on it and I feel they are too big for my body, it’s not really what I “wanted” but I’m not upset, I’m not mad at the Doctor. I don’t “hate” it, I don’t think I’m wrong for doing it or that the Doctor was wrong in how he did it. I’m “fine” but my back is a little sore from them being so big. So, when a friend of mine asked me to meet up for coffee because she is thinking of doing a makeover and wanted to hear about my experience, I met her and the first thing she said was “wow” your boobs are huge!” I told her I know… I explained the process to her and said if you do it make sure you are clear about what you want and tell the Doctor. to err on the side of smaller than bigger. My friend said “hey why don’t you call your Doctor and tell him you love them but you want them smaller.” I really had not considered doing that… now my question and my thought is YES, why not? I’m not mad at the Doctor. I’m not walking around hating how I look, I just feel like why not ask and see if he will fix it back to what I really wanted, the same size I always have been, but just lifted a bit? Another question is, am I just trying to change the conditions yet again? Am I really in alignment on this subject now? I feel like I might know the answer after all this time of listening to you and all the FOJ’s, but I can’t really tell. What advice do you have?

With all my love,

P.S. See you in Vegas! I can hardly wait!

Dear Kelly,

If you are inspired to do something, you might look at it from two directions. The inspiration might be the urge to change the conditions or a calling to a new place. The urge comes from a lower emotional state of being based in fear and the calling comes from a higher emotional state based in love. If you move forward in either an urge or a calling, you will always be moving forward. Therefore, does it really even matter what the action is based on? If it is based in love, the action will lead you to your highest good and if it is based in fear, the action will lead to the creation of new desires. You can’t get it wrong, can you?

Actions based in love are inspired from the highest place; your guides, supporters, inner self and Source itself. Actions taken when inspired lead to your highest good. They do not lead to more perfect conditions. They lead to the next step. They might lead you to a new experience, and new expansion point, or to the discovery of a limiting belief by placing you in a manifestation event. The inspiration to have cosmetic surgery wasn’t so that you could enhance your physical form and then everything would be all right. It was to lead you to the next step in your exploration of physical reality. Your exploration has a lot to do with your interaction with your body. Your body is your spacesuit, but you, like many others, want to define it in a way that is more personal than that.

Isn’t it interesting that you have this specific body so that you can explore reality as you intended prior to your birth? You love your body and you hate your body and everything in between. You identify yourself with your body and even define yourself by it. But your body is not you. Your body is simply your partner in the exploration of this reality. You have influence and a bit of control over your body, but by and large, your body is a self-contained and conscious community of cells living as trillions of independent life forms exploring reality in a way that is not dissimilar from the way you are exploring reality. Each cell seeks and receives well-being and does its part to keep the community healthy, happy and stable.

You can play with the idea of your body mentally or physically. You can choose how you feel about every aspect of your body. You can let it be as it is, you can dress it up, you can wash it, shave it, apply make-up to it and this allows you to feel something about it. You can keep it lean or make it fat. You can style its hair. But all that work never has anything to do with who you are. You are limitless and you cannot be defined by your body. You are free to do with it as you please, but no matter what you do, it does not mean anything about who you really are. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance and this is true with or without your body.

If you had no legs, it would not mean anything about who you are. However, it would mean something. It would mean that you chose to explore physical reality in a body with no legs. That exploration is unique and it gives you a chance to see life from a new perspective. The same is true of the body you have now. Your height, eye color, skin tone, complexion, proportion, etc. has nothing to do with who you are, but only with what you came here to explore. The size of your breasts have nothing to do with who you are but rather with how you perceive reality. So then, think about how you are perceiving reality. Do you care what people think of you? Do you think other people’s opinions of you make any real difference? If so, then what does that mean? You must be aware of all the things you do to your body and how you feel about these transformations.

You choose the clothes you wear. Why those clothes? You choose to wear make-up or not. Why? You choose the style of your hair. Why? You might say that these choices are made so that you will feel good about yourself, but that is the old approach to life. The conditions (which include your body) have no ability to make you feel anything. You choose to feel good or bad as a reaction to the conditions. If you like what you are wearing, you will choose to feel good. However, that is a choice and your clothes cannot make you feel anything.

You are feeling something about your breasts. If you think they are too anything, that is a judgment. It is based not so much on pain or discomfort but on what others think. Before you change anything else, think a bit more about why you care what others think. Think a bit more of choosing how you feel independent of the conditions. You can do whatever you want, but no bodily change can make you feel anything. Feel whatever you want to feel now and you’ll be inspired to action that will correspond with those feelings. The feeling comes before the inspiration.

With our love,
We are Joshua