Dear Joshua,

Thank you for the response. I started reading the Perception of Reality. I read before going to sleep and awoke early feeling fear with no immediate thoughts, just the feeling of fear. I realized I have not loved myself enough nor felt lovable. You said you are not giving specific instruction but an avenue of direction would be helpful.

I would also like to know if your response to my question was “general” or was it specific to my personal vibration.

Self love is feeling foreign. All day I have been asking myself “how do I know if I love myself?” I do believe self love is at the core of my healing process. I guess I have never really thought about “self love” as you have stated, and not sure how to begin. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Johnny K.

Dear Johnny,

We very much appreciate your willingness to continue our conversation. We can see that there has been much resistance in your life. But this is also true of anyone who experiences a chronic condition be it physical, emotional, or their conditions that surround their reality outside of their body. You are no different in this manner. When you experience ease in general, your body allows well-being to flow. When you build up resistance to what is, to the conditions that you find yourself in, to what is happening in your life, your community, your family or your world, you create an environment where well-being is denied to a degree. This then manifests into your specific reality as a disease. To other people, such resistance could manifest into a bad marriage, depression, incarceration, etc. It is all the same thing.

So, for you specifically, what do you do? Your condition stems from resistance to what is. Resistance in this case does not feel good. All bad-feeling emotions are based in fear. All good feeling emotions are based in love. Resistance is fear and ease is love. Love and fear. That’s all you need to understand.

When you complain about something, that’s fear. When you praise someone or appreciate something, that’s love. When you are cautious, you are fearful. When you are bold, you are loving. So then, how are you being? How are you reacting to the conditions of your life? Do you see things as mostly good or mostly bad? It matters not what occurred in the past, what matters is how you approach life from this point forward.

You have the power and the ability to change the course of your life in this moment. You can pivot from the way you’ve been being to a new way of being in this instant. You can choose whether to judge something as wrong or bad, or whether to accept is as perfectly right. Can you do this? If so you will begin to live life with more ease (love) and you will begin to love yourself as you see how your ability to live in harmony with what is creates health and well-being in your life.

But it is not so easy for you to change in the blink of an eye. It might take a little more work for you to become who you really are at the core of your soul. You long to be who you really are but you are resisting and this resistance has become a habit. Your approach to life has been one of resistance and now we ask that you need not resist anything and admit to yourself that everything is fine the way it is. For you specifically, your work is to allow everything and everyone to be as it is and as they are without wishing anything to be different.

From this point forward your work is simply to allow everything to be as it is and withhold your judgment that anything is wrong. Our strongest words to you specifically are that everything is right, just as it is.

So what are some things that you can do to improve your specific condition? Stop paying attention to the news and instead meditate for a few minutes every single day. Stop complaining once and for all. Do not give your attention to anything unwanted and surround yourself with that which feels good to you. But most importantly of all, stop judging yourself in any manner that is not completely positive. Ease up on yourself. You are perfect the way you are.

Your body is not you, it is your spacesuit. You do not need to be attached to your body. Your body will align with well-being as soon as you come to appreciate what your body is. it is a community of life forms allowing you to experience physical reality. Your body responds to your thoughts. You can command your palm to slap your face and it will. You think thoughts that do not feel good and your body responds to those thoughts. You resist life and your body resists well-being.

You must also alter your strongly held set of beliefs for they keep you fixed to the current version of reality that you are experiencing. Alter your perspective on life and your limiting beliefs will diminish in their intensity. Look at things from another, more positive perspective and everything for you will change. Understand that there is no death or possibility for loss of any kind and your experience will change radically for the better.

We would like to explain to you that you are an eternal being and so is everyone else. You cannot die, you simply transition from a state of being where you are focused in this form of reality to another form of reality. The difference is that one is physical and the other is not. Imagine you are going to dive under water and explore the world beneath the waves. You don a wetsuit and scuba gear in order to exist under water. This is similar to your nonphysical self donning a physical body in order to explore physical reality. As you dive into the ocean, you are born. You swim around for a bit enjoying the beauty you are experiencing. Some of it is a little scary such as the times you see a shark in the distance, but most of it is fun. At some point you decide to emerge from the ocean and you climb back onto the boat. You do not call this death, you simply transition from a watery reality to a dry reality.

Alter your beliefs by changing your perspective of everything you find objectionable. See things are perfect for that is what they are. Your disease is simply the vehicle that has brought you to our teachings and to the possibility of a higher level of consciousness. For that we can appreciate it and call it perfect.

You are loved more than you can imagine.