Dear Joshua,

Joe and I have questions:

So we are creators…say we want to have good health. Joe wants to know if everything is predetermined? For example, he is dealing with injuries that he has gotten from physical labor his whole life. Is he to just accept that and work at finding ways to alleviate them? If we are creators why is it that we have to accept what is happening when we really want something else?

We feel that now that we are writing this that the key is staying in alignment, which would lead to inspiration, which will lead you to something or someone who may be of help to alleviate/heal the injury. But what if the injury still remains? How is it meant for us? It’s very confusing. We’ve been led to believe that without work and effort nothing is accomplished. How are we to let go of this approach? Now you’ll probably say; “that’s why you signed up for the bootcamp!”

Joe & Kim

Dear Joe & Kim,

Nothing is predetermined. Your reality is the absolute reflection of your vibration. Alter your vibration and you will create a new reality. Will this new reality reflect something more that you want, but do not have now? This depends on the vibration you are emitting.

You need not effort and struggle to manifest that which you truly desire. However, if you are trying to create or attract something you want that you do not have now, you have but two choices. You can either focus on the lack of that which you want or you can focus on the essence of that which you want. If you want perfect health, do you believe it is better to focus on the things that you perceive are imperfect now or the aspects you appreciate now? When the question is formed this way, the answer seems obvious. Focusing on your perceived problems is the exploration of those problems. You can explore anything you like in this reality. All exploration is valid because it all leads to expansion. However, if you have already explored something for long enough in this life, you may choose to explore something else.

You can explore poor health. This is an easy one. Many, many people are embarking on this exploration right now. It is rather popular. The way to explore poor health is to complain about any and all aspects of your health that you perceive could be improved. In order to assist you with this exploration, the universe will continue to provide you with an abundance of issues you can complain about. Isn’t that a wonderful system? The universe allows you to explore fully that which you choose to explore. This is accomplished via the Law of Attraction.

Now, if you suddenly decide that this old approach to life is no longer what you are wanting to support, you can choose another approach. When focusing on your perceived problems, you are creating, just as you are always creating, but from a stance of fear. You are engaged in the creation of what you do not prefer, because your creative powers are rooted in fear. So then, if you want to create what you will ultimately prefer, what stance would you choose: Fear or Love?

What does creation based in love look like? Is it effort, struggle and suffering? Is it focusing on problems? Or is it focusing on love? The exploration based in love will engage the forces of the universe to create what you truly want. So then, how does one plant themselves firmly in a stance of love? By loving and accepting what is. By seeing what is as perfect. By focusing on the 99% of your life that is wonderful now. By seeing the higher perspective in all things. Will this solve your problems? Do you really have any problems?

We may just have said something that causes you to reject our ideas. We say you have no problems and all your problems are actually illusions. You retort; “Of course we have problems. Just look at this body. It is filled with problems.” From your limited perspective, you see problems. From our higher perspective, we are unable to see any problems. What’s the difference? We are based in love and you are creating from a stance of fear. If you could make your way to the love side of the spectrum, you would also see no problems.

What is the benefit to a concentrated focus only on that which is good? It helps you maintain your alignment? What’s the benefit of reducing the intensity of all your desires based in lack? It removes your focus of lack. What’s the benefit of appreciating the body you do have? It entails the exploration of abundance and freedom. If you can remove all of your attention from anything unwanted and shift your perspective so that everything can be seen as perfect as it is now, you will regain your alignment. In alignment, you will be receptive to inspiration. Will this solve your problems? No, because you do not have problems. All it will do is bring in inspiration that is compatible with your approach to life based in love. Believe us, you will enjoy your life based in love far more than a life based in fear. That is the benefit of the new approach to life.

With our love,
We are Joshua