How can we utilize our sleeping dreams to the fullest extent that we are capable? I realize they are also manifestations. I most often recall them and some are lucid. However, I would like to know the most beneficial ways to make the most of my learning and expansion from them.

Thank you.

Dear JoAnn,

When you sleep, you are not primarily resting your body. Your body rests enough during the day. You are primarily resetting yourself due to all the resistance you faced during the day. The time for sleep allows you to stop resistance. It also gives your inner self a little break. During your dreams, which you can only perceive from your human perspective, you are playing out scenarios and testing ideas. This is happening in the nonphysical realm all while you are sleeping.

Just before you wake, you receive a download. This is your dream. You might assume that you are dreaming throughout the night, and this is quite true, but you only recall your dreams in the moments before you awaken. It doesn’t matter if you are asleep for hours or just a few minutes. The time in the nonphysical does not equally apply to your physical sense of time. It is simply time enough to reset your resistance.

You must sleep to stay alive. You cannot handle too much resistance. The more often you sleep, the more often you reset your resistance. If you could sleep for a few hours at night and a couple hours in the day, you would live a less resistant life. If you meditate daily, you will live a less resistant life. The only thing that will mater in this life is how you feel. You will feel better by easing your resistance, no matter how this is accomplished.

You ease your resistance when you sleep. If you sleep well, you will feel better in the morning. Your dreams cannot really be interpreted to the degree of specificity you imagine and therefore the subjects of your dreams are not really important. If your dreams are fun and interesting, then you are existing in your days with less resistance and more ease. If your dreams are intense, then generally you are living with a lot of resistance in your daily life. Your goal from this point forward is not to control or even understand your dreams when you’re asleep, your goal must be to ease your resistance when you are awake.

We teach nonresistance. We explain that nothing is right or wrong, everything is neutral. We ask you to be light and easy; nothing serious is going on here. We help you reach for the higher perspective. We teach that nothing ever matters other than how you feel and so feeling good must be your highest priority. You feel good by understanding who you really are. You feel good by loving and accepting yourself as you are. You feel good by knowing that everything is always working out for you. You have a choice in how you feel. You can use your imagination to feel good or bad. You are now using it to feel better and to find relief. Keep focusing on how good life is and you will be less resistant. Appreciate everything in your life now and you raise your vibration. If you can do these things, we promise that your dreams will improve, but there is never anything you have to do to make the improvements yourself. All you have to do is feel good and then you will be inspired to action that will lead to even better feeling moments.

With our love,
We are Joshua