Dear Joshua,

I’ve been working on the cruise all day. And … we just had a shooting not more than an hour away from the Port of Long Beach. 14 dead and 14 injured AND the three men in camouflaged have escaped. 40 schools are in lockdown. They are close to martial law. Now… I’m not scared… as a matter of fact I am going to dinner with my former husband tonight and I’m about 45 minutes from the shooting…

But just wondering what you think about continuing on with the cruise? We are talking about the collective consciousness that is spewing fear like crazy… Will this keep people from attending?


Dear Jewels,

While we understand that what you observe in your outer world is a combination of things you like and things you do not like, you must understand that the Earth is a playground where all may come to experience that which is necessary, beneficial or needed at some level. When you judge the actions of others as bad or wrong, you are denying the validity of their experience and you are denying the purpose of this platform called physical reality.

For the vast majority of the history of your society, humans were by and large unaware and therefore unaffected by the actions of others. Most people only knew what occurred in their small villages. The actions of others went unnoticed outside their tiny town. Generally they lived peaceful, uneventful lives. Occasionally skirmishes or wars would flare up, but they were relatively few and far between and did not affect the lives of most people.

You live in an age where you are aware of every event that you would call tragic within minutes of it occurring. This just did not happen a century ago. For the most part, people might have read news accounts of major events and disasters, however most of the smaller events were never made public. Today, every event is publicized and critiqued in the media and even your friends on social platforms. It seems as if more and more tragedies are occurring with more frequency than ever before, but in fact the opposite is true.

Thanks to the instant availability of world-wide news, you are witnessing every event in real time. These events occur to shape the consciousness of the masses. They bring attention to issues that give rise to new preferences and desires. The law of Attraction responds to the desires of the masses and things improve. In the past nations would go to war with millions sacrificing their lives and change would result. Now these changes can occur with events involving just a few people. The media attention amplifies their actions and leverages them to create the change that is desired. In this age of mass interconnectivity, change is coming much faster than ever before.

So there are two things to think about when you see events like this and the attacks in Paris. They involve very few people and they have nothing to do with you personally. You are involved only as a spectator and you can remove your attention at any time, if you so choose. The events occurred for a purpose that you may not yet be able to see. The participants all chose their roles prior to their birth for the purpose of moving life forward. The events will result in the evolution of thought and the mass consciousness will change.

Those who live in fear of events such as these do not understand the laws of the universe. They could not be affected by these events unless they were vibrationally compatible with them. If they are not vibrationally aligned with these or other such events, they could not possibly be affected. This is simply the way the system works. So then, those who would fear coming to Los Angeles because of the possibility of being involved in another attack would not be the ones who would choose to embark on a cruise of enlightenment, growth and understanding. The two ideas are vibrationally incompatible. Those who will want to come on the cruise will be enlightened, fearless masters on the leading edge of thought.

So we end by saying that nothing is wrong, that everything is working out perfectly and that you can choose to focus your attention wherever you want. You need not worry about the fears of others. This incident will simply weed out those who are not ready for the higher conversations you will be having. You will assemble the best of the best and the experience will be fun and exhilarating. Try not to concern yourself too much with the numbers. Larger numbers don’t necessarily indicate success. Success will come from the satisfaction of a wonderful and meaningful co-creative experience which we know is coming.

You are loved more than you can imagine,