Dear Joshua,

How would you go about supporting someone who is seriously ill without bringing it into your vibration?

My mom is dealing with stage 4 cancer, and I recently had two cancer scares of my own.

I want to be there for her, and support her however I can, but how would you guys go about being supportive without allowing it to affect your vibe?

Thank you,
Jeannette Maw

Dear Fellow Creator,

All disease stems from resistance to what is. Cancer stems from resentment regarding what has happened in the past. You do not have a genetic predisposition to any disease just because a family member has a particular disease, you are simply influenced by them to act (or react) to conditions in a similar manner. If your mother resented something in her life and her habit was to hold on to this resentment, you might have also picked up on this habit. If she consistently spoke to you about why things should have been different than they were, you might also believe that it is acceptable to resent the conditions that have already occured.

You do not need to follow the pattern of behavior of your mother or anyone else. You are a conscious creator and can realize that what is, is and what has happened, happened for a reason. It was caused by a response to the vibration you were emitting. It was a reflection of the predominance of your feelings and thoughts. Nothing wrong happened. Simply change your perspective and everything else will change as a result.

You can create ease and well-being in any body by going with the flow of life. It is only in your resistance to what is, that you cause any dis-ease. Because you cannot change the conditions in the moment (since they have already occurred), you must see them as perfect. You might prefer the conditions to improve in the future, but the conditions that are here now cannot be changed and there is no benefit to believing they are wrong. See the conditions as right, and you’ll ease your feelings. Ease your feelings and you’ll allow dis-ease to fade away.

Realize that there is nothing wrong happening to your mother. She is going through an experience that is right for her, at this time. Everything will unfold as it should. Your attention to it will only affect your vibration if you see it as wrong. Again, you will be resisting what is. Allow it to unfold as it will and think as many pleasant thoughts as you can. Support your mother, but do not agree with her resentment. Release any resentment you may be carrying and forgive those who have hurt you. Know that this is her experience and it is valuable to her. Your experience in this time is one of love and support. This is her cancer, not yours and it serves her well, even if you cannot see that.

You are loved and supported more than you can imagine.