Hi Joshua ,

My question is: I have a speech impairment called Stuttering. I have had this off and on from the age of 12 due to an abusive childhood. I am currently in therapy now and my therapist believes that once you stutter you will always be a stutterer. I want so much to “overcome” this and be able to speak fluently and in a relaxed manner. She is a good therapist but she does not believe that stuttering can be “cured” or “overcome”.

I have heard of people who have overcome stuttering and go on to be fluent speakers and never stuttering again. My question is "How do I manifest this AND not be at odds with her beliefs that stuttering can’t be cured? I am an artist and I would love very much to be able to talk about my art with crowds of people but I get full of anxiety and the words don’t come out right. I have tried relaxation meditations, lots of speech therapy, mental health therapy and it goes away but it always comes back. Thank you so much. I know there will be helpful advice about it.

Jade M. Griffin

Dear Jade,

This is an answer regarding stuttering and our answer is specific to you because you have created a unique path to lead you to where you now stand in this world. Often, our answers help other people with the same questions. In this case our answer will be specific to you. So we will begin:

You chose this path prior to your birth into this existence. You chose this trajectory which has led you here. You did not chose to stutter and this can be released if you want or not if you believe it is an important aspect of your unique personality. You chose your parents for you understood that in order to explore the subject of worthiness, you had to learn how to feel unworthy. You, like all children are born worthy. You feel equal to other humans and you have no doubt about your worthiness. Then you learn to feel unworthy. You are treated in a way that leads you to believe that you are unworthy. This is a very common subject of exploration and many choose it. It is not wrong, it is simply a choice you made and you are deep in the middle of your exploration.

Your true desire is not to stop stuttering because there is nothing wrong with stuttering. Your true desire is to become the higher version of you. You are here to relearn your absolute worthiness. You are here to overcome limiting beliefs, not to overcome stuttering. Here’s how you might do this.

You are an absolutely worthy and unique person. You are as worthy as any who have ever or will ever exist in this form of physical reality. No one is more worthy than you. Any belief to the contrary is simply false. It is an illusion. These beliefs have helped you to get where you are in this life, have helped you discover that there is more to reality than most people understand, and has helped you greatly in finding your true passions in life. But now you no longer need the protective cloak of your self-imposed issue with speech. You are worthy of saying what you think. You are worthy of expressing yourself not just through your art, but through your words as well. Believe that you no longer need the safety of this issue and drop it. Do not allow others to influence you.

You believed that your stutter was necessary and that it was the manifestation of an unworthy person. So you attracted those who would cause you to believe that you would be stuck with this condition even after you resolve your own feelings of unworthiness. You attracted them. They support what you believe. Believe something else and watch them fall away. You already know that anything can be left behind and stuttering is no exception. Others have done it and so will you. So their influence that stuttering can not be overcome is false and you know this.

Now, as soon as you realize your true worthiness, as soon as you stop believing that stuttering is wrong, as soon as you forgive your parents for doing what you had all agreed to prior to your birth, you will regain your belief in your own worthiness and you will raise your vibration to a place where this unwanted condition no longer has its purpose.

You are loved more than you can imagine. You are doing extremely well. You are discovering that which you have asked for. You are learning new things and dropping old, unnecessary beliefs, and you are expanding into much more than you can know.