Dear Joshua,

I’ve just finished reading your second book and I have to say that it’s had a profound effect on my life (which is the whole point I guess). In fact both your books have been inspirational and hugely enlightening so I REALLY look forward to your next one. In the meantime I’ll start round 2.

Thank you a million times for what you do in allowing this amazing information to flow through you. I’m immensely grateful!

As usual, I have a question for Joshua:

Can you please clarify the issue of sex and the role it is intended to play in our physical lives? I grew up in an environment (no doubt like many others my age) where sex was a taboo subject and carried a judgemental and negative vibration. It’s always such a “complicated” and emotionally charged issue whether within or outside of a loving relationship.

I now understand that there is no wrong in the world which throws a whole new perspective on the subject and I can also now see that it’s our own (self-limiting) beliefs and self-judgement that has caused much of the conflict. Please can you elaborate on this?


Dear Jacky,

It is often easier to think about a certain subject if you can strip away the layer of rules in your society that are created by a fearful man. Imagine that you lived in a natural world free from fear where all people understand the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. In this natural world, you would understand that physical reality is a feeling reality and all that ever matters is how you personally feel in any present moment in time. You would understand that this is all an elaborate illusion and you would know that you are here to expand your powers of personal fulfillment and creation.

So then what guides you in this natural world? You would simply move toward what feels good and away from what feels bad. When you touch something hot, that feels bad and so you remove your hand from the flame. When you are hungry, you eat because hunger feels bad and eating feels good. This reality that you find yourself immersed in is a feeling reality and you navigate it by moving toward whatever feels good. Sex is one of those things that feel good.

Some might say that sex feels good only because it is the method by which new people are created and it simply propagates the continuation of your species. We would agree with this fully, but the story does not end there. Sex feels good when a couple is intending to create a pregnancy and sex feels good when a couple is not intending to create a pregnancy. Sex feels good even when the couple cannot physically become pregnant. If it feels good, then it is good.

Certainly, there are guidelines for what each individual feels is right and good for them, but in a natural world free from fear, there would be no rules. Any form of sexual pleasure would be practiced without judgement and could be enjoyed freely by the participants. So when thinking about the joy of sex and how it is part of the human experience, you may release yourself from any feelings of guilt. Guilt feels bad and therefore it is not part of the natural world. It was created out of fear and you can release it. You intended to experience a full range of sexual pleasure free from judgment. Sex is a very high vibration, similar to that of love.

Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, what about the subject of rape and sexually transmitted diseases? These are aspects of physical reality that are not created out of the sexual act. They are part of an experience that simply involves sex as a vehicle for the creation of the experience. Since they are unwanted, you consider these experiences to be wrong and since they involve sex, you consider the sex to be wrong as well. However, you consider car accidents to be wrong, but you do not condemn the act of driving. Without fear, there would be no sexually transmitted diseases or assaults.

As far as your religion goes, the condemnation of sex was simply used to control the populace. You will never be judged or deemed wrong when it comes to sex (or anything else) because judgment is born out of fear and fear does not exist in the nonphysical realm.

Release your own fears and judgments around sex and do whatever feels good within the boundaries of your own personal feelings and your agreements with others. Sex feels good until it crosses over your own boundaries. Eating feels good until you’ve eaten too much. Start to seek to feel good in every moment and train yourself to feel better more of the time. This is the only thing that really matters. The more often you feel good, the more good-feeling experiences will come to you.

Thank you for your wonderful question. You are loved more than you can imagine.