Dear Joshua,

I’m in the process of reading your first book – it’s brilliant by the way – and I find I’m in a bit of a quandary in understanding the role of illness in our physical lives. I quite understand and accept that if we are born with any form of ‘disability’ it is a life chosen for us to experience and expand through. However if during our physical lives we get a disease eg. Alzheimer’s are we meant to experience this as part of our expansion or do we seek medical intervention? Alternatively would this be something that we have manifested ourselves and can also heal ourselves vibrationally?? In other words, when do we accept a disease as part of our experience to expand and when do we attempt to heal?


Dear Jacky,

Anything that you would consider an unwanted physical condition that is acquired is caused by one’s resistance to what is or what is wanted. Since everything is vibrational, including the disease or unwanted condition, then by maintaining a different vibration, the disease must disappear.

Let’s talk about how most unwanted bodily conditions are adopted in the first place. You birth a desire and the universe will work to shape you into the version of you that is ready for your desire to manifest in your reality. So you must change to become a match to that which you want. If you were already a match, you’d have that thing in your life. Since you’re not a match, you must change into the vibrational version of you that is ready for the manifestation of whatever it is you want. If you resist the change, you cause stress on the body. Your body might develop a physical condition so that you can know you are resisting and thus, end your resistance. This is the purpose of the condition. The unwanted condition allows you to know that you’re resisting the change that is necessary to bring you what you want.

If you had no desires, you would not be changed by the universe and so you would not develop unwanted physical conditions. You would be disease free. See if you could imagine this. Think about someone who is completely content with life. Think about what they are thinking about most of the time. They are easy going, happy with what they have, they don’t want anything else, and they live in peaceful coexistence with their environment. They have no desires and so they resist nothing. They do not develop anything unwanted either in their body, or in the conditions of their life.

Now think of someone who is ambitious and driven. This person has great desire and for the desires to manifest, he will have to undergo great change. If there is resistance to this change, then, at first, he will feel negative emotion. Things won’t be going the way he thinks they should and he will feel bad. This is the first indication of resistance. Negative emotion always lets you know where your thoughts are focused and how you are resisting what is happening. If you ignore the negative emotion and fail to see the benefit of the conditions, you are resisting how the universe is working to bring you what you want. This causes inner conflict and stress on the body.

You ignored your emotions so now the universe understands that something more vivid is needed. You will be changed, one way or the other. The universe does not give up as long as you hold onto your desire. When you continue to argue with the universe by resisting the way the universe is bringing your desire to you, you feel negative emotion and if that is ignored long enough you might develop an unwanted bodily condition as a result. At first this condition will be mild; maybe an ache, or a slight pain. But gradually, as you continue to resist, the symptoms may become acute or even chronic.

Once you have created a full-blown health issue, the focus of your desire has changed. Now you wish for this issue to be resolved. You have control over how you look at any physical or environmental condition. You can hate it and try to push it away (which you know will not work) or you can embrace it and appreciate it for the message it has come to bring you. Once you accept the condition as perfect, it will be easier to find alignment with health. At this point it is often easier for the vibration to be cleared through some form of treatment. It is the belief in the treatment or the skill of the physician, that allows people to resolve their own health issues.

The unwanted bodily condition is no different than the unwanted environmental condition. Some people get a disease and some people get into a car accident. Both incidences are there to let you know that you have ignored the guidance of your emotions and your resistance has grown to the point where something bigger needs to happen in order for you to understand how you are resisting. Often, the one with the unwanted physical condition will not come to realize the extent of their resistance until they have transitioned to the nonphysical realm. But once there, they will appreciate the totality of their resistance and be in a better place for the next life. Everything is there for your expansion.

Now, having said all this, people are often ready to transition to the nonphysical realm and due to their personal beliefs about death and even fears of the after-life, they adopt certain diseases in order to exit this form of reality in a way that aligns with these beliefs. If everyone who was ready to transition to the nonphysical was free from fear, they could simply close their eyes and go in their sleep. However, you have created immense rules and procedures for your transition. You do not want to leave loved ones behind, you want people to think well of you when you’re gone, you want to cling to life even after you’ve acknowledged you’re ready to go, You believe some forms of death such as suicide are wrong, so you adopt various diseases that allow you to transition in accordance with these beliefs. One who brings on Alzheimer’s is one who is fearful of death and wants to gradually reemerge into the nonphysical. They lose their sense of this reality so that their reemergence into the nonphysical reality is slow and gradual. This might be difficult on those close to the person, but it works for the one who chooses this method.

So all you have to do is focus on what’s wanted, don’t need it to come in any specific way, don’t worry about when it comes, enjoy the journey to it, try to feel good as much as possible so that when you feel bad, you really notice it. When you feel negative emotion ask yourself what you’re resisting. Try to determine the underlying fear behind the limiting belief. Realize that the belief is untrue. Provide yourself with evidence the belief is untrue. Appreciate the event that caused the negative emotion. Appreciate that this event allowed you to identify a limiting belief. Reduce the intensity of that belief, and look forward to the next time you feel negative emotion. If you can get into a habit of anticipation, you will flow easily through life with little resistance. In doing so, you will not need to be alerted to your resistance in any other manner.

You are loved more than you can imagine.