Hi Joshua ,

I have just completed a course called “living a healthy life with a chronic condition” I felt that it dwelt too much on coping with the disease rather than creating a healing and positive environment. How would you recommend the course be changed to illustrate your teachings?

Thank you

Dear Hugh,

All chronic conditions (whether you deem them to be positive or negative) come from a highly repetitive habit of thought. When you think the same thoughts over and over, you find yourself in a chronic condition. You could be chronically happy or chronically resentful. It works exactly the same in either case. However, when you think thoughts that cause you to feel negative emotion, and you do not stop to analyze the limiting beliefs behind those thoughts, you cause stress on the body over time.

Here’s how that works. You are designed to be guided by your emotions. When you experience positive emotion such as happiness, joy, excitement, interest, etc. you are being given an indication that you are aligned with what is wanted and who you really are. You are operating as you had intended prior to your birth. You are working with the forces of the universe and everything you want is flowing to you.

When you have negative emotion, such as fear, resentment, disgust, apathy, impatience, etc., this is your indication that your current thoughts are in opposition to what you want and who you really are. You are a being of love. When you dislike someone, something, or some condition, you are moving against the current of who you really are. The negative emotion is there to alert you to this fact. If you stop and analyze why you are thinking this way, what is the limiting beliefs behind these thoughts, and what you are afraid of, you can resolve the limiting belief and realize that it is just not true.

However, you do not do this. You have always assumed that negative emotions were normal. You have never known consciously that your emotions were telling you something important. So you have held grudges, felt that things should have been different, and that you were a victim of the conditions surrounding your life. The good news is that you can change if you want to. You can realize that this was all your own creation. You can understand that you never knew any of this before and you can forgive yourself and move on. Now that you are aware of the workings of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality, you can start thinking thoughts that serve who you really are.

You can begin to see that everything that has happened in your life has done so to bring you here on the brink of a new awakening. You are one of the very few who have gotten to this point. You can change your approach to life and really start to see that actually you are in total control. You can start to meditate every day and get some control over your thoughts. You exercise your body and now you must exercise your mind. There is no time to wait. You must gain control over your thoughts now if you wish to improve. You can no longer afford to be apathetic in this very important area. If what you want is to feel better, then feeling better starts with better-feeling thoughts.

You have become numb to negative emotion because it is so pervasive. Start listening to what your thoughts are habitually saying and start to think better-feeling thoughts instead. You have the ability to think thoughts that feel good. Now you must make that a priority. You have time to meditate. This will help greatly.

All unwanted bodily conditions can be replaced with wanted bodily conditions. The only thing chronic about the condition is the thought that continues to cause stress on the body. If the thoughts are removed then the body naturally allows well being to flow once again. That is the natural state of the body. Without the stress that comes from refusing to be who you really are, the body will naturally and easily return to a state of ease. Ot’s okay to be chronic, just be chronically happy.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could count.