Dear Joshua,

I’m sure you get asked this frequently, but how does one change their physical appearance with LOA? Excluding weight loss, I’m wondering about other changes such as hair, eye color, and such. I know LOA can be used for healing, but changing these things is more for cosmetic and I’m unsure how to proceed although I have had some strange success in my attempts.

I’ve taken notes of when I tried different LOA techniques and how they worked. When I tried acting as if I had golden eyes I met a girl with eyes such a clear amber they looked golden. When I said daily affirmations "I have green eyes" I met a guy with beautiful green eyes after about a month. What made me realize this was LOA is that these people were the same race as me as well and its considered unusual to have those eye colors. After meeting these people it took me a while to realize I manifested noticing them and was grateful and excited, but my intentions were to manifest the change on myself.

Sorry this is kind of long, but whenever you have a chance I would like to hear any advice you have on this subject as I’m a long term lurker on your blog.

Thank you for your time

Dear Hope,

In this system of reality, you can manifest literally anything you can imagine. However, you must be aligned with what you want. If you are fully aligned, your desire must actualize in your reality. The way it manifests will depend on your belief system. It always follows the path of least resistance.

In your case, you wanted the manifestation of these specific eye colors. While you wanted the manifestation to occur on yourself physically, you had a set of beliefs that would not allow that to happen. The path of this manifestation had to come via a channel that aligned with your beliefs, and so it manifested within the bodies of other people who appeared in your reality. This is how the law works.

Now, how would you come to manifest the change in your own body? You would have to alter your beliefs to such a degree that this would now become the path of least resistance. Is this possible for you? Like everything else, if you can imagine it, it is possible. Then how would you come to a set of beliefs that was completely aligned with an ability to change eye color or any other physical feature? This is the tricky part.

You could ramp up your belief system if you had some examples of this occurring in the world. If you had actually met people who had intentionally changed their appearance mentally, this would also help. If there was some scientific method you could follow that laid out a process to undertake, this would also be helpful. And there’s one other way to bring about your manifestation in spite of your contrary belief system. If your desire was so strong and intense that literally nothing else mattered, this might be enough to override your beliefs. Desire has the potential to trump beliefs, but the desire must be intense.

Generally speaking, what exists in your life is what you desire to the extent of your belief system. We teach methods to reduce limiting beliefs (which are always based in fear) and enhance beneficial beliefs (which are always based in love). By slowly adjusting the intensity of your beliefs, you will create greater and more profound manifestations of your desires. Believe it or not, your beliefs play a strong role in the creation of your life. The most effective way to create a more expansive life is to work on your personal set of beliefs.