Dear Joshua,

Today, as I was imagining next steps on my health curriculum and how I would word things, I was stuck on the idea of focus. Specifically, if the aim/ focus is to move towards natural, simple ingredients in nutrition is there benefit to stating “what to avoid” – chemicals, non natural, additives, pharmaceutically manufactured. The question is a blanket thought around incorporating language about “what not to do” or “avoid” or…. only talking about what is wanted.


Dear Genevee,

You are a spiritual teacher and leader. This aspect of you, your soul’s purpose, is coming through. You can no longer deny it. Who you truly are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You intended to live life in a way that aligns with the natural laws of the universe. There is a system in place and you intended to live in alignment with this system. You intended to explore your role as a spiritual leader and teacher. This is your soul’s purpose. This is who you truly are. You are manifesting this as your natural desire to teach comes forth. However, you are still caught in the illusion of victimhood. The victim must always seek to protect herself from the illusion of danger.

As a victim, you are exploring reality from a point of view that is not who you truly are. You are a creator and you are the creator of your reality. In the exploration of a victimhood, you are on a path of self-discovery, discovering who you are not. This is a valid and acceptable way to explore physical reality. However, it was not what you intended and so your natural desires to explore who you truly are are always coming forth. You cannot resist this calling. And so as your natural inclination toward teaching expresses itself, you try to form it and manipulate it so that it coincides with your perception of yourself as a victim. In your teaching, you seek to avoid danger and so you perceive that there are some bad things in physical reality. Of course, you realize that these things are not bad or wrong. It’s simply a point of perception from the perspective of a victim.

As the creator of your reality, you are based in love and so you are able to receive whatever you desire. Think of this for a moment. If you perceive that you must protect yourself, you will be exposed to dangerous elements. You will read stories and hear tales of issues that others have attracted. From your perspective as a victim, you seek to avoid these elements so that you might control your experience. However, since you are a being of love, you only receive what you need to explore reality as you intended. If you do not need some adverse experiences regarding health, for instance, then it cannot occur in your reality. Those experiences are reserved for others. Not you. Most of humanity is busy exploring who they are as a victim and so experiences that coincide with this kind of exploration come to them easily. You do not need to explore victimhood any longer. You can now turn your attention to the perfection in all aspects of physical reality. You are perfect, the other people are perfect, the conditions of the moment are perfect and the design of the system is perfect. If you choose to explore who you truly are (a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance), then what you perceive as bad or wrong cannot exist in your reality. That is unless you are focused on those things or you are trying to control your path to avoid those things. The message is clear; if it comes to you, then it is for you.

If it comes to you, then it is for you and you would not want to avoid it. If it comes to someone else, then it is for them and you would not want to get in the way of their experience, because the experience is for their direct benefit. Therefore, warning someone of danger is not helpful. In fact, the very act of warning adds the dangerous element to one’s vibration and it now becomes attractive, because they fear it and they focus some level of attention on it.

Never seek to avoid anything. Never warn others of your perception of danger. This is what the victim/controller does. They do not understand the system. They are exploring victimhood. There is no reason to ever explore anything unwanted. You need not help others, you only need to focus on your exploration. So then, will you continue to believe in your limitations? The perception that something bad can happen is a selflimiting belief. You must now concentrate on the exploration of your limitless and magnificent nature. You must stop believing in the illusion of danger and now focus how loving and supportive the system is. You can be, have and do anything you want. As long as you are exploring who you truly are, you will only be focused on that which you love and appreciate.

When you perceive that someone needs your help, you are seeing them from a limited perspective. This causes you to believe they are faulty in some way. You perceive that if they were different than they are, they would feel better. However, they are perfect as they are. They just see themselves from the limited perspective and their issues allow them the opportunity to see themselves from another perspective. You cannot truly help anyone, because you cannot create in their reality. You can and do influence them. You can influence them by adding more fear to their vibration or you can influence them by your example of alignment. In alignment you are only ever focused on the good and wonderful nature of everything.

With our love,
We are Joshua