Dear Joshua,

Thanks so much for your last reply. It helped so much.

I have another question regarding the physical manifestation events I am experiencing this week/weekend. The vertigo is still there, particularly when I lie down and my periods have come back so I have effectively been bleeding for 20 days this month and as a result I feel extremely tired. It is forcing me to rest and sleep more.

Are these symptoms showing resistance I hold and do I need to process the limiting beliefs or is it my body expanding with me and shedding resistance I have carrying in my body?

I have tried to see this as FOR me and my direct benefit and RIGHT. Like the immense sadness last weekend, I am not sure if I need to process a limiting belief (other than fear of loss/death) that I have looked at already.

Many thanks
Love and with all my gratitude,

Dear Fabienne,

As the creator of your own reality, you must know that everything that is created in your reality is for your benefit. Remember that you are being led to the fullest version of who you are. You are being moved to understand yourself in a deeper, more empowering way. You are discovering your authentic power to create the life you desire. Remember also that what you think you want is different than what you truly want. You think you want comfort, security, and the feeling of being okay in your physical body. You have become attached to your body and you perceive that you are your body are one. This is not entirely true. Your body consists of trillions of life forms. Your body is a community of magnificent and limitless life forms called cells. Each and every cell in your body is expressing itself as Source energy in much the same way you are. Your cells have inner selves just as you do. Your cells are seeking alignment and well-being, just as you are. However, your cells are not you and your body is not you. It is a community of co-creative inhabitants working together to provide you and them with the experience of physical reality.

If you were completely nonresistant over the course of your life, all of the cells in your body would receive well-being. However, this is not really the purpose of physical reality. You came to expand as did each cell in your body. You came to experience freedom and abundance. You do so in a more refined and nuanced way. In your higher perception of yourself and physical reality, you feel fear. You seek to control conditions. You have conflicting thoughts as your fears pop up in every moment of your day. Those thoughts become transferred to your cells to some degree. As you release your resistance (in the way you are processing your limiting beliefs now) the cells in your body release the stored energy of negative thought.

In addition to this, your body is going through natural changes. As you encountered the change in your body during puberty, so are you encountering another state of being. Puberty allowed your body to develop as did all other stages of change. You saw yourself one way prior to puberty and you gained another perspective after puberty. This is part of the service your body offers you. You get to change your perspective as your body changes.

You could have moved through puberty in ease and joy, if you had realized what was happening. Instead you rested that change to a degree. You might not recall the resistance from your present state of being, but back then you had some thoughts based in fear. Fear of what you were becoming, and fear of what was coming and what you were thinking at the time. As you can see, it all worked out perfectly. As you undergo change, you can invite thoughts of fear of the unknown or invite thoughts of ease and curiosity. The choice is yours. You will always expand, and you have the ability to think thoughts of joy rather than indulge thoughts of fear.

You are engaging in deep, self-reflective work and this brings out stored emotions in the form of some discomfort in the body. You are also going through a natural change. This is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about. In a very short while, you will adjust and feel a bit better. However, when you wish things are different than they are, you are trying to control natural conditions. You do not truly want to control anything, you want to accept what is happening.

If you feel fear, you might receive the ida to consult with a doctor or other medical professional. There is nothing wrong with this idea as it conforms to your beliefs. The outside doctor might suggest a remedy. You might also maintain your alignment and be inspired to some course of action. This will be more beneficial. If no inspiration comes, then you will allow your body to correct itself on its own. Your body is wiser than you can imagine as it has full access to infinite intelligence. Pay attention to what the body is telling you. It can be rather specific when it wants.

With our love,
We are Joshua