Dear Joshua,

I want to thank you. This bootcamp is awesome and I can see how I am really learning to love and accept myself, others and conditions. I am stepping into a new version of me – worthy, perfect and good enough.

This week, however I have had 2 health issues (I am normally very healthy), one to do with hormones and bleeding in between my cycle and waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweats. On Thursday morning I woke up at 2am because I turned in bed and felt sea sick, vertigo when I move my head. This has happened at least 3 or 4 times since then and last night in bed too. I have been accepting what is and telling myself that it is FOR me and I know all of this is resistance. I think I am also scared of becoming seriously ill, dying and ending my physical experience as Fabienne. Can you help and bring a new perspective.

Beside totally accepting and appreciating these health issues for unearthing the limiting beliefs and creating a new version of me, is there something else I need to know?

Thanks very much.
With all my love and gratitude

Dear Fabienne,

We will say here to you specifically that there is nothing to worry about. Of course we are detached from the perspective by which you govern your life and as such, we feel no fear. You perceive the fear of loss. This is one of the illusions created in the physical realm. In reality, as this is an attractive universe, it is not possible to lose anything, especially your life. You are eternal and this life is but one of countless others. Time is the aspect of physical reality that allows you to perceive loss. You believe that you have something in your life now and if that thing leaves your reality, it has been lost. This is not the case.

Look at your children, for instance. Do you still possess the babies in their cribs? No, those babies are no longer in your reality. They were replaced with larger versions. Did you lose the baby? Of course not. The baby is always with you and can never leave. The version of your children that exists today will be gone tomorrow replaced with a more expanded version. You cannot lose anything. Everything exists as it is in the moment and then expands to something else. Therefore, nothing is ever the same from moment to moment. You perceive that the baby is here in another form, but the baby never left. The day the baby was born was a moment in which you and the baby were at certain stages of expansion and that moment in time still exists. You can remember it. You can look at photos. It is absorbed into the vibration you are currently emitting. No matter what you do, you cannot remove the baby from the vibration you are emitting. You are always morphing and changing into more expanded versions of yourself. You expand in each moment. Who you are now is different than who you were as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult, as a new mother and so on.

In your expansion, you shift perspectives. This is the point of space and time. Those aspects of physical reality allow you to see yourself from new perspectives in each moment. As you transition from one phase of growth to another, your body must adapt. You have stored fears and emotions that are contained in the body. Your body also alters itself so that you can see yourself from another perspective. The body ages and transforms in order to stay up to speed with the new vibrations. That is simply part of the system.

You did not intend to come here to live forever. That would not serve the purpose you intended. You intended to experience joy, freedom and abundance and to express your love to others, yourself and the world around you. As soon as you have explored enough for this incarnation, you will choose to return to your nonphysical home. You do not go to an amusement park and stay there the rest of your life. There are so many other things you want to do. You will return to the nonphysical and when you are ready to start a new exploration, you will enter a new body and do this all over again, but from a higher perspective. This life has been the most expansive of all your lives, but the next one will be even more expansive and so on. You might perceive death as a bad thing, but it is not. It is an easy transition to your nonphysical home. So release your fear around all death, because that fear is really irrational.

With our love,
We are Joshua