Hi Joshua + Gary 😉

I am so thankful for this bootcamp! I felt on a high in the last week, was really feeling better acceptance of conditions and joy as a result of the increased acceptance. Then a couple nights ago I got a very sore throat. I immediately viewed it as wrong and questioned why I had attracted this when I hadn’t been sick all winter! I had been eating foods that helped me to feel good about my body. And why now when I had been feeling so great and practicing such allowance in conditions I would previously have felt serious resistance to? And then immediately after that thought I heard from my inner-self and realized that I wasn’t seeing HOW it was FOR me.

So I slowed down, kept the kids home yesterday, felt ease, gave myself self love, enjoyed the coaching call, kept accepting the conditions and trying to focus on the parts of my body that felt good and steered away from focusing on my sore throat and fears of getting sick. I’m still feeling a very sore throat and super tired but I have to work tonight so I’m doing my best to focus on joy, hot tea, peaceful house. Every time I get into thoughts of how I have less energy to do the bootcamp work and this week is less magical than last, I remember it’s just my perspective and redirect my thoughts to things that bring joy. I’m trying to feel good, but my joy is more on the excitement of when this illness leaves me, which is more in lack of wellness now lol. I’ll keep trying, I know I have A LOT of momentum behind seeing getting sick as wrong, and I’m working on processing these fears.

Is there anything else I can do? Anything I’m not aware of?

With so much thx and love,

Dear Erin,

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. From your current perspective, you perceive that some things are right, like wellness and other things are wrong, like sickness. This is understandable, yet in order to create the life you prefer, the life you are called to, you must redefine your idea of right and wrong. You must shift out of duality (fear) and into neutrality (love and acceptance). You must refrain from habitually judging things as wrong or bad and start consciously choosing to see all things as good and right.

If you were driving to an appointment and you got a flat tire, then this is the very best thing that could happen to you based on the vibration you are emitting at the time. You cannot know how it is good. But by the same token, when you imagine that it is bad, you fabricate a false version of reality that says that your life would be better if the flat tire had not occurred. That is your overactive and untrained imagination resisting what is happening. It causes you to needlessly dip into a lower emotional state of being. There is nothing wrong with that other than the thoughts you attract from that lower emotional state. In a low vibrational state, you attract urges to change the conditions and if you act on these urges, you will take a detour away from the life you intended to live.

If you take a detour, you move away from joy, love, freedom and abundance into fear, insecurity, confusion and lack. Your goal during this bootcamp is to embrace your ability to choose your perspective and to use your overactive imagination to ferret out the truth of the conditions. They are not wrong, they are perfect. You can’t know how it will all unfold so why not make it up in an empowering way? Why not imagine the scenario where your sore throat is for your benefit?

Imagine how your lack of energy is for you. Imagine how good you’ll feel by comparison when you get back into an allowing state of being. Imagine how powerfully you will appreciate feeling good. Imagine how you will now demand to feel good. Imagine how you will create the intention to feel good. In the good-feeling state of being, you attract inspiration to take action that will enable you to swiftly move toward the idea of yourself that is far less limited. The authentic version of you is powerful and highly effective. When you discover that true version of you, you will find your soul’s purpose and you will exist in a state of bliss. However, that version of you will elude you if you continue to perceive that some things are just plain wrong and you wish they would not happen.

You are the creator of your reality. You choose your perspective. You can continue to discount your powers and believe that sometimes you are a victim to circumstances beyond your control or you can use your imagination to craft a perception that is empowering. The empowering perception of reality will allow you to linger in alignment more of the time. That means you will have access to inspiration more often. That means you will be inspired to take action more often. That means that your life will unfold more easily. That means you will find your soul’s purpose sooner. That means you will begin to live in bliss knowing who you really are.

Do you still want to see your sore throat as an unfortunate condition? We think not.

With our love,
We are Joshua