Hi Joshua!

I have learned from reading your resources that symptoms of disease are the result of negative emotions we continue to feel. When my youngest son’s lip swelled up like a balloon from eating lentils, was this an allergy he developed based on an emotional event? I keep exposing him to lentils and the reaction is getting less severe. I’m trying to be especially supportive and loving as he experiences an itchy face and hoping the symptoms will continue to lessen…could this approach work?

Both my sons each have a wart in very similar places, one son on his wrist and the other son just below his thumb, same hand. My youngest son is only 2 yrs, it is less common to see a wart on one so young. Is their a similarity in the cause of their symptoms? Is there anything I can do to help them in learning from this? I have been reminding myself to be thankful for the message from their bodies and not to see the warts as wrong.

Sending love and thanks,

Dear Erin,

When you make your decision to embark upon another life experience here in physical reality, you set your intentions and you choose your parents, the time and place of your birth, and your body. You do this because you know the conditions of your youth will launch you on a trajectory toward that which you came to explore this time around. On the day you are born, you become a match to your body and the conditions that exist in the universe at that moment. You are a vibrational match to it all and this is why you are actually born into the environment. It is all perfect. You are perfect and the conditions are perfect including the condition known as your body. It is the perfect body for you, because it will allow you to explore reality as you intended.

If you are born a male of female, that is due to the experience you intended. If you are born tall or short, that too is perfect. If you are born straight or gay or somewhere in between, it is so that the unique exploration you want can be made by you in this incarnation. If you have an allergy to anything, it is part of your journey and the allergy is not wrong. Without the allergy you would be exploring life differently. This one little factor will cause you to adjust and thus your trajectory is more narrowly defined. All of the millions of unique attributes and talents inherent in each human creates infinite trajectories. No two trajectories are ever the same. You could have an identical twin and yet your trajectories would be different from one another.

If one son has a wart and the other has one in the exact same place, each child will think about it differently. One might be ashamed of it and try to hide it. This perspective will create a certain trajectory. The other child might be proud of it and like to show it off. This is not a better perspective, it’s just different and it creates a different trajectory. You see, nothing is ever wrong. It always works out to provide every human the opportunity to explore reality as they intended prior to their birth.

You came here to expand through experience. You are expanding with each new experience. You intended to expand in joy. If you believe that something is bad or wrong and should be different than it is, you are resisting it and the expansion is called contrast. If you look at it from the higher perspective, you reduce the intensity of fear around it and you now expand in more joy. It is possible to view everything from the higher perspective and see it as right as it is. It is possible to accept everyone as they are and to realize that these are the conditions they chose to experience reality in their own way. It insures that each exploration will be unique.

If your children face obstacles, it’s because those challenges will allow them to expand in the way they intended. They are prepared for whatever obstacles lie in their paths just as you are prepared to handle whatever lies in your path. However, from your perspective, you would not want to experience any of their obstacles yourself. When you place yourself in their shoes and try to think about how you might feel, you will always feel more intense fear because you are not equipped to face their unique challenges. The fear will attract urges to change their conditions and handle their obstacles for them. However, those who face obstacles of any kind are always equipped with inner resources that will enable them to overcome those same obstacles. It is a system of love designed to provide everyone with whatever they need to explore reality as they intended.

With our love,
We are Joshua