Dear Joshua,

In all of the consciousness advice regarding health, I’ve consistently seen a recommendation of positive thinking and emotions combined with healthy eating and exercise. If we create our reality, then wouldn’t it be possible to eat terrible and not exercise at all, as long as we felt great about it, believed it was good for us and had no limiting beliefs about it? If it is just vibration that creates our reality (and therefore health), then why do we need to exercise or eat anything at all?


Dear Erin,

This is an attractive universe. Once you have attracted something, it stays with you in some form. There is no getting completely rid of anything. If you attract a friend, you are eternally linked with that friend. If you attract a belief, that belief stays with you in some form. You can adjust the intensity of the belief, you can raise its intensity or lower it, but it is always there. You have adopted certain limiting beliefs about food, exercise and health in general. While it is true that you can do anything you want in this reality as long as you believe it, it is also true that you will be limited by certain beliefs to some extent.

You could leap off a cliff and land perfectly unharmed if you believed it fully enough. However, there will always be a part of you that doubts you could survive such a feat. In order to compensate for your limiting beliefs, you must engage a device. If you incorporated a hang glider or a parachute in order to overcome your limiting belief, you could leave the safety of the cliff and descend unharmed to the bottom. You do not have to eliminate the limiting belief, you simply reconcile it with a device.

Yes, you have adopted many, many limiting beliefs. Your work now is to reduce the intensity of the beliefs in order to move toward that which calls you. When you are in a high-flying emotional state of being, you will receive inspiration to take action that will lead to the unfolding of your desires. If you have the desire to be healthy, then you will receive the inspiration that will help you create a healthy body. You will be inspired to certain forms of exercise and certain foods that will allow you to create the healthy body you desire. All ideas coming from inspiration will feel easy, fun and good to you specifically. No effort is ever required.

Here you are having adopted the belief that in order to create a lean and healthy body, you must exercise and eat appropriately. Certainly, things would be different had you not adopted this limiting belief. However, the fact remains that the belief lingers in some form. You might reduce the intensity of the belief and in doing so you will be open to a broader spectrum of possibilities that would work for you. As these new ideas come to you, you will no longer cast them aside because you have done the work to reduce the intensity of your limiting belief. A strong and intense limiting belief allows in no other possibilities. A less intense limiting beliefs allows you to discover new ideas and other beneficial beliefs.

Who you are is the sum total of your current set of beliefs along with the intensity of each belief. You have some beneficial beliefs and these can be enhanced by increasing their intensity. If you believe that people are good and the world is safe, then by finding more and more evidence to support the inherent truth of these beneficial beliefs, you increase their intensity. The opposite is true when it comes to limiting beliefs. When you take a limiting belief and find evidence to prove that it is false (as all limiting beliefs are false), you thereby reduce the intensity of the belief.

Nothing is good or bad or right or wrong. You judge anything to be good or bad based on your beliefs. Adjust the intensity of your beliefs and you will see more good things than bad things in your reality. As you begin to focus on more good, you will attract more good. This is the power of momentum. You have a bit of momentum behind seeing the bad and the wrong and so it will take a little time to create a new momentum. Once you do, you will begin to be flooded with new thoughts and ideas. The inspiration will come from your heightened emotional state of being and soon all of your desires will begin to unfold in the most elegant manner imaginable.

With our love,
We are Joshua