Dear Joshua,

I want to know what’s the reason for the accident that I had as a passenger on a motorcycle when I was 18 years old and where the driver died. Since then, my right arm is almost completely paralyzed and very thin. I want and desire its healing. With the weight of this one resulted a hernia to the lumbar which in winter is very painful. I’m just sleeping. I want and desire to heal. This creates a life where I am rather casual. I do not wish to be a burden for a man. I want to live with a beautiful man who accepts me as I am but I have many fears …

Thank you for your answers.

Yours truly,

Dear Emmanuelle,

You are not your body, you are the captain of the earth suit that is your body. Your body need not define you even though you feel you are your body. You are not. You are independent of your body. You do not need your body to be any different than it is for you to experience a joyful and expansive life. You are simply using it as your excuse to feel bad. We know that at some level you understand this, but we also know that there is great difficulty in accepting this concept.

There is only one way to define the universe and that is receptive. You receive that which you want and that which you need. You are a creator and your creation is your personal and unique perception of your owen reality. You can choose to perceive it in any way you like. You can perceive yourself as a victim or a creator. If you choose to view yourself as a victim, then there’s nothing really for you to do. You get what you get and that’s it. It’s all random and fate is in the driver’s seat. However, if you choose to believe that you are the creator of your reality, which includes being the creator of the accident, which means that it was not an accident, then you can create the life you desire. We are not saying it is easy. There has been a lot of momentum built up over the years. But it is there for you. You can receive all that you desire regardless of any constraint: imaginary or real.

You do not need an arm to create the life you prefer. You do not need to have a perfectly fit body. However, you do need to take charge of the thoughts you think and the perspective you choose. You do need to pay greater attention to how you feel and find a way to feel better. There is a wonderful life waiting for you, but you have to change how you feel first. If you can do that, then anything is possible.

We will suggest that you meditate for a few minutes every day without fail. The way to receive that which you want is aided by a greater level of communication with your inner self. You see the larger part of you remains in the nonphysical realm and is aware of every thought you think and every emotion you feel. When you feel negative emotion, as you have for some time, you are looking at the subject in a way that is quite different from how your inner self sees the very same subject. You are simply off track. Your inner self is not worried about your arm. Your inner self knows that this can only slow you down if you choose to let it. It doesn’t matter what people think, it only matters what you think. You can still be a shining example of alignment, but you have work to do.

You must come to understand the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality. You must read books, listen to other teachers, watch interesting videos, and discover out what’s really going on in physical reality. This is not so much a physical experience as it is a spiritual experience. There is more to the story than you know.

Your accident brought you to a new awareness of physical reality. It gave you the inspiration to ask questions and to scratch the surface. Now you must follow that interest above all else. What you will find is that you are responsible for the reality you experience and you have the ability to choose the experience you prefer. You are the center of your universe and you have the special skills needed to come to a much higher understanding of your life and the path you took to be here now.

Where you are now is the perfect place to start your journey of discovery. Nothing bad has happened. That is the first thing you must come to understand. It might take you a while to learn this fact, but in time you will come to realize how this accident played a very important roll in your spiritual awakening. Do not hate your arm. Do not resent the driver. Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and this was not wrong either. You will come to understand this in time if you are able to pursue your interest in universal laws and the mechanism of physical reality.

With our love and admiration for who you are,
We are Joshua