Dear Joshua,

Today I got quite sunburnt while at the beach and it has left me pondering sunburn from a law of attraction perspective. It has always been drilled into us that we must protect our skin in the sun, as too much sunburn can lead to skin cancer. As a student of law of attraction I know that all disease, including skin cancer, is caused by resistance. So it has left me wondering: maybe sunburn is good for my body?

It sure felt good to lay in the sun today! But then again.. My sunburn is painful, and any sort of painful experience must be caused by some sort of resistance I’ve got going on. Is it because I still carry around some resistance towards laying in the sun due to always being told it is bad (even though I don’t think it’s bad anymore)? Would be great if you could clarify!


Dear Emma,

As you’ve gone along through your life you’ve adopted a certain set of beliefs. Some of your beliefs are the result of your own personal experience and we would say that these beliefs, since they are based on your own personal experience, are valid to you. Other beliefs are adopted through the influence of those around you including your parents, teachers, friends and your society. These beliefs are less valid because they did not arise from your own experience, rather others may have influenced you in some way.

We say that you create your own reality and others cannot create in your reality. However, when you allow their influence to modify your belief system, you allow a shift in your reality to occur. You do not need to accept the limiting beliefs of others.

You can believe that a little sunburn will have no effect on you, while it might affect others. Cancer is attracted not from any outside condition, rather a habit of thought that could be considered chronic. All unwanted physical conditions are created through prolonged resistance. The resistance is first manifested in the form of negative emotion, such as resentment, and then into a mild physical condition which might grow more profound over time.

The fact is that the pain of sunburn might be playing into your beliefs to some degree, yet you are wise enough to realize that this is a false belief as far as you are concerned. The pain of the sunburn has alerted you to a condition that is not preferred. Since you cannot really eliminate any limiting belief, all you can do is reduce the intensity of the belief. In this case you might say, “People who have attracted skin cancer into their reality have done so due to resistance, and have chosen to blame the sun. It is fine for them, but it is something that is not necessary in my experience. I understand that I cannot completely eliminate this limiting belief so I will pay a little more attention next time I go to the beach.”

You see the sunburn can only exist for you as a problem if you hold the belief that it can. Since you are part of this society and have already been warned of the dangers, this limiting belief exists. To say it doesn’t exist is of little help. The only thing you can do is reduce the intensity of the limiting beliefs and increase the intensity of beneficial beliefs.

You might go on to say, “I personally do not need the experience of sun cancer and I believe in the healing capabilities of my intelligent body. I wish to assist my body to be healthy in every way. I shall release thoughts that feel bad and I will appreciate the abundance that exists for me now. I will allow all others to be as they are and I choose not to fight the conditions that I find myself in. Instead I choose to see everything as right and that all conditions are for my benefit. I hold no grudges or resentment toward anyone or any past event.”

The sunburn is a sign of resistance and this is a good thing. You do not have to solve the problem of sunburn, simply acknowledge the message and accept that the sunburn (and all other such things) are here for your benefit. Go forward with ease and accept the conditions as they are without asking them to be different and you will easily and effortlessly live with less resistance and allow all that you really want to flow to you.

You are loved more than you could imagine,