Dear Joshua,

I am a firm believer and have read Seth and Abraham, starting on this path with “Mystic Path to Cosmic Power” in the 1960s. About every 10 years or so I enter a deep depression that lasts half a year or more, usually because of enormous financial distress. Question: I know that my thoughts and feelings create what happens to me, so why, after each deep depression when my vibration couldn’t have been lower and my focus was all on fear and despair, why did something MARVELOUS happen that changed my life enormously? I wasn’t focusing on the positive so how did I create a marvelous life from those fearful, despairing feelings and thoughts? Thank you. I love your book and just bought the second one. Blessings!


Dear Ellen,

If you were to look back on your life (and we aren’t suggesting that you really do that) you would notice that preceding any arrival of an unwanted condition, you were in a state of resistance. If you received a cold, prior to that cold, you were resisting something. The cold came to deliver a message, “Ease your resistance and everything will start flowing again.” If you were to get fired from a job or have a traffic accident, it is always a message. The depression also carries a message, “reduce your resistance to what is happening in your life and start going with the flow.”

You could encounter depression, illness, an accident or any number of unwanted conditions that are meant to alert you to your current habit of thought. You were given depression because this cloud hangs over for a while and moves you out of your current state of being into another one. At first, you might even enjoy the depression if you think about it. The depression is taking you out of your need to be responsible. You now have an excuse to shut down. The depression allows you to behave differently without anyone bothering you about it.

As the depression lingers, you start to enjoy it less. You become consumed by it and you begin to hate it. From this stance you cannot climb your way out of it. Like any war, eventually you give up your resistance and poof, the depression is lifted. From this new position of allowing, what you want comes to you easily and effortlessly and magical things manifest into your experience. You are wise enough to recognize them when they come.

You receive your comfortable blanket of depression because it works for you specifically. Another might lose his fortune every ten years. Another might get divorced every ten years. It is different for everyone. However, once you emerge from your cocoon, you come forth as a whole new you. You are transformed by the experience of moving from resistance to depression to allowance.

You do not need the depression to transform yourself if you choose not to endure this heavy method of transformation. You can simply practice the art of allowing as Abraham would say. If you are starting to read “A Radical Change in Your Approach to Life,” you will notice that we talk about a complete change to the way you view your world. Start realizing that it’s not you who brings in financial (and all other abundance) by yourself. You are supported by the powers of the universe. You do not need to worry about money for it is always there in the amount you need, when you need it, if you will simply allow it.

You do not need to control the actions of others, to change the world, or to right any wrongs. You simply need to begin to perceive the world in a way that allows you to feel good. It is your perception of what is going around you that you need to control, not the reality of the world around you. Take control of how you see the world. Start imagining that everything is happening for you and nothing is ever happening to you. This is the radical change we ask you to make.

There is nothing wrong with a little depression in the midst of a wonderful life. Depression does not mean you are doing something wrong. The depression is simply your way of dealing with resistance and coming out the other side as a new being. It is okay. However, if you would like to try a new method, one that keeps you feeling good and flying high, realize that it’s your perception that needs to be modified. You can practice seeing things in a way that supports who you are and what you want, or you can use depression. Either method works very well indeed and it’s always your choice.

You are loved more than you can imagine,