Dear Joshua,

My grandson has Asperger’s syndrome that limits daily food intakes to a very minimum. He also refuses to take the vitamin supplements and that has already lead to some concerns. He’s a very smart and loving boy, has a strong attachment to his mother. Why does such a syndrome occur? Is there a higher meaning to it? And most importantly – how do I help my grandson overcome it?


Dear Elena,

Every experience of life is unique. If you can accept our simple premise that the purpose of life is to expand through experience, then you can see that all life. all experience, and all expansion is beneficial. So let us further explain our premise. You chose to come here to physical reality so that you could experience things first-hand and expand your consciousness through those firsthand experiences. From the nonphysical realm, you can witness anything and everything you like, but it’s like watching a movie. Physical reality is always happening to someone else. They are having the experiences and expanding while you are observing. Real growth occurs through experience.

You decided to come here to this playground called Earth to experience physical reality for yourself and grow through that experience. You’ve done this many times. Your grandson has as well. If you can look at your experience of life, you can see that socialization has limited your experience. There were many thing you might have liked to explore, but do to societal restrictions you were either not allowed to or you limited yourself by considering such things inappropriate. Your grandson has no such limitations.

Before coming to physical reality, you set certain intentions. Most of your intentions were general in nature. You intended to have fun, experience joy, love, companionship, laughter, etc. You also had one or more things you wanted to explore in greater detail. These are your interests and passions. Many many people never discover their true passion in life because their parents, family, peers or society deems these passions and interests to be out of the norm and so the person makes due without developing those passions. This will never be the case for your grandson.

Your grandson chose this specific experience you call Asperger’s specifically because it would be highly unlikely that anyone could sway him away from whatever interests him. In fact, due to the unique nature of this condition specifically, he is more inclined to become attached to certain interests for longer periods of time and his interest will be more intense. This condition you see as a problem is precisely the vehicle that will allow him to focus his energies without the distraction of societal bias. He will not care what others think. You believe that this is an unsocial behavioral condition, but to him (and us) it is unnatural for others to have judgment and influence over whatever one chooses to explore. He will not care what others think and this causes those around him to label that trait anti-social.

Asperger’s, Autism and other developmental conditions have been chosen by those who wish to experience more specific aspects of physical reality without the interference of others. They, unlike most humans, do not wish to conform. They wish to experience their uniqueness and expand in the way they intended to prior to being born into this environment. You cannot change them and they do not wish to be “cured” unless you have instilled in them the belief that their condition is wrong. If you do not consider their condition to be wrong, they will feel proud that they are unique and they will develop in ways that you could not imagine. Your view of them as having an undesirable condition and wanting them to be normal simply makes them focus more on the negative aspects of the condition. If left alone, they would not think they were different in a bad way, they would wish you to be more like them.

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and this condition is not wrong either. It may seem unusual to you, but if you can understand that they chose the condition for the benefit it brings to their ability to follow specific interests just as they have intended, then you can be happy for them and feel at ease, for you know that this condition is for their (and your) higher good.

You are loved more than you can imagine,