Hello Joshua,

It feels as though the world has gone crazy with all the recent shootings and while I try not to get caught up in the energy of it, as an empath, I feel the grieving that is paramount. How do we as a collective consciousness shift from fear to love?

With laughter and magic,

Dear Elaine,

The first step to shifting the mass consciousness of your society from fear to love is shifting your own consciousness first. The way to shift your consciousness is to understand what is really happening here. These events will spur the consciousness of humanity. It is the events themselves that have been designed to bring you all to a new level of consciousness. Here’s how this all works.

Humans have been living in fear for a long time. In order to protect themselves, they act out of fear. They believe that these actions based in fear will cause the fear to be removed. However, the more they try to protect themselves, the more fearful they become. This is just how the system works. It is universal law. When nations build armies to protect themselves, they will use their armies. When the weapons were built that made the armies irrelevant, those nations had no other choice but to live in peace with each other. Soon the nations realized that living in peace is beneficial, but the armies needed an enemy.

Now we see that a small sect of muslim extremists are being used as an excuse to maintain a large army. The current army which was designed for world war is too large for your present-day needs. In order to justify the expense of an army of this size, an enemy must be found and pursued. Yet, still there is the belief that your military can eradicate terrorism. The fact is thatevery effort to eradicate terrorism is met with the creation of even more terrorists. You push against the terrorists and they become more. They push against the Western culture they believe is wrong and they feel even more isolated and deprived.

As these ideologies clash, the awakened among you will shift their personal consciousness. They will begin to realize that this conflict goes against the basic laws of the universe. They will see evidence that the Law of Attraction is bringing these people together. From your perspective, you can see that each side is getting exactly what they want. The terrorists have proof that their tactics are justified and the military has an enemy to fight. They are in vibrational alignment with their desires and with each other.

When you can see that they are getting what they want out of this conflict, you can let them alone. Their conflict has nothing to do with you personally. They are not wrong. Those involved have all come here to explore certain aspects of reality just as you have. You might judge their actions as wrong or bad, and those affected might grieve for the victims, but only those who are within vibrational range of the conflict can be affected by it.

There is nothing you can do to save the planet because it does not need saving. If this is a platform where any experience can be had, then no experience is wrong. If it is not what you want, then withdraw your attention from it and allow everyone else to explore whatever experience they choose. Poverty is not a bad experience for it allows one to appreciate abundance so much more. Loneliness is not a bad experience because it allows one to experience companionship in a more meaningful way. All experiences are valid and are right for those who are vibrationally ready to have those experiences. If you’re not vibrationally ready for something, it cannot manifest in your reality.

Once you have personally decided to allow others the freedom to experience anything, without judging them as wrong or bad, you will have shifted your consciousness away from fear and towards love. At this point you can allow yourself to be a shining example of alignment with what you personally prefer. When you shift your focus from what you perceive to be wrong to what you really want, you have shifted your consciousness and you have altered your experience of reality. And that’s all that really matters.

You are loved more than you can imagine.