Hello Joshua!

I hope my message finds you well. I’m writing you this message, driven by one of my deepest desires that have consumed my days in trying to manifest it. So, I consider myself someone who can manifest anything for oneself no matter how “big” it seems. I have manifested my dream of studying medicine, and it’s abroad on a full scholarship (owing to my parent’s very limited financial background), and manifested awesome friends and professors. I have also manifested numerous other situations and material things. I have also manifested several positions at different organizations and institutions (and, thus, have gained so much recognition) at a young age. Oh, and I have also recovered from several mental disorders and am leading a spiritual lifestyle. But there is this desire within, so deep that it has almost turned into obsession, that I can’t help but to constantly think about (and apparently create resistance against).

It is deemed impossible by people; I’d refer to them as collective consciousness. So here is some background information about me. I am a very good-looking guy. And I know that I am, to some, “strikingly” handsome. But I don’t think I am arrogant about it. It’s only something I have manifested and I can’t be thankful enough. But what I only still want to change about myself is height. This is what I have resorted to you for: my problem of height. I am now 21 years old and I stand at 5’9″ of height. Although I am very outgoing and friendly in nature, this particular thing has made me very subdued and self-conscious. I currently live in Europe where so many guys from Norway, the Netherlands, USA… are all very tall that I feel microscopic when with them. I feel that I’m taken for granted usually.

But still, this is not what I focus on or care about: I have truly detached from what others think of my height and just realized that I want to gain this much height only because I myself want it. In other words, I don’t even reflect such a manifestation from others and this so why I’m never discouraged. I have already started a lifestyle of the least resistance I can have so far and things are looking up. Some have noticed I’m “kinda” taller but I’d say that’s only 1 cm or so. My dream height may seem too much. But my deepest desire is to reach a height of 6’7″.

Sometimes I feel that I want this height to gain more recognition in my career as a doctor (as I would really create so much positivity in patients when they see a handsome, tall doctor take care of them haha!) and sometimes I feel the need for it because it gives me more respect amongst my friends – who happened to be all tall and generally muscular – because I’m already fit and muscular. But most of the time, I just do not know why I need it: I just need it SO bad. I can’t even picture my life without being 6’7″. I just seems like a huge invitation for me to accept this reality and something within me is resisting this transformation.

I absolutely believe that it is all possible. I have experienced all these Truths before I even knew about all those books out there that talk about the Law of Attraction. So this is why I’m seeking your guidance. I want to reach my dream height (which I’m almost hallucinating that I have it because of how much I have hammered this thought into my mind) and I would like to know how to reach it through the path of least resistance. Your help is very, very much appreciated. I hope to yet be another success story to show the world that it’s all possible. Have a lovely, blessed day.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Eddie,

It is true that you can have, be, and do anything is this reality. It is also true that you create your own reality. Prior to your birth into physical reality on planet Earth, you set several intentions. Most of your intentions were general in nature. You intended to love and to be loved. You intended to experience abundance, joy, and well-being. You intended to grow through experience. You also intended one or more specific things and you chose your parents, the time and place of your birth, and your body so that you would be launched on a trajectory toward that you wanted to discover in this incarnation as Eddie. You chose it all for reason and purpose.

From your nonphysical perspective, prior to coming into this life as Eddie, you knew how the universe operates and a likely path to that which you came here to explore. Your body is part of your trajectory. You chose the perfect body. You also have a set of beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Most of your beliefs are highly beneficial and some are limiting. However, the limiting beliefs are not necessarily bad, they are simply limiting.

Imagine if you were very tall. Well, you would be on a different trajectory to discover something very different. You would not be who you are now. You would be quite different and your perception of reality would also be quite different. Based on your experience of life so far, you’ve created a desire to be taller. However, if being tall was for your highest good so that you could explore that which truly interests you, you would be tall. Since you are not tall, then being tall is of no benefit or advantage to you. In essence, you’re making it all up.

You believe that by being tall, your life would be better. You think it’s your height which makes others respect you; it does not. You believe it’s your height that will determine the quality of your life; it is not. Being taller for you would not enable you to do what you came here to do. Your body is perfect as it is. While it may grow, it will grow to the perfect proportions in order for you to do what you need to do, We are thankful that there is no surgery that would make you taller. We are glad that you cannot alter your height on your own. In many, many situations, people look to change the conditions that exist in their outside world. However, those conditions are perfect. They are a perfect vibrational match to each and every individual, without exception. You are a match to the body you have and it is a very good body indeed. If you want to change how you feel, don’t look to the outer world for that is simply a reflection of your inner world. Change how you feel first and your outer world will reflect how you feel.

If you knew how it was all going to play out, you would see how perfect everything is as it exists right now. You would not want to change the condition of your body. Go with the flow and if you seek to change how you feel (because all you are ever doing is feeling something), then practice feeling better first and watch how everything else changes.