Dear Joshua,

I’m listening to your podcast on persona and ego and really love it. I posted it on my Facebook for everyone to listen to. It’s such good work. I really love what you’re doing. I have a question I hope it’s OK to submit it this way here it goes. I have a friend whose partner is dying from cancer and it’s a long and painful process and it’s been going on for a long time. I am really a close friend to the partner and I hear about it every day and I try and make food and give advice since I have already gone through losing a partner to cancer. What I’m worried about Is something I read in one of Joshua’s books about being focused on something unwanted that I might attract it into my life and it’s a irrational fear but I would like some input on that. If you focus on something that you know all about and you have you gone through and you thought you were through with it, would I attract into my life and and what can I do to prevent it?

Thank you so much.

Dear Donna,

You attract that which is a vibrational match to the signal you are emitting. If you fear cancer and you worry that you might attract cancer, because you think cancer is very wrong and very bad, then the emotion around cancer is present in your vibration. However, if you take a slightly different perspective on cancer (and all such diseases), you can emit a different vibration.

Let’s look at cancer in another light. Let’s say that maybe cancer (like all unwanted physical conditions) is a sign of resistance to what is. The person has continued to think that things are wrong and things should be different than they are and things in the past should not have happened they way they did and if only things had been different, then they would have lived a better life. So they build up resistance and they develop some chronic condition. At this point, they can choose to reorient the way the perceive life. The can choose to radically change their approach to life. They can see that all the things they thought were wrong are really right and they can turn away from complaining about what is to appreciating all that is. Some people do this and recover and some people choose not to. It’s all right either way.

However, there is a benefit to a long and slow decline. The person with the disease is allowed time to say goodbye and to make their departure easier on the partner who is left behind. It is a wonderful way to make a transition. It might not be the way you choose, but it is the way many choose because it gives them time to get over their fear of death. It makes it easier. Those left living will feel less grief than if the person suddenly vanished into thin air as in death by accident or some other sudden transition. If you see the bad in something, then you include that in your vibration. However, if you can see the good in anything you once deemed bad or wrong, you only include the good. You need not worry about death, because you are eternal and you choose the time and method of your transition. All death is suicide, so at some point you’ll be ready to return to your nonphysical home and after a while you might even choose to live another physical life.

A physical life from your nonphysical perspective is like a day at the park. It’s interesting and fun and there’s nothing serious about it. You might have fun today or not, but there is always tomorrow, and from the nonphysical perspective, there are endless tomorrows.

With our love and gratitude,
We are Joshua