Good Morning Joshua,

First I want to thank you for the way you have changed my life as a result of reading your words transmitted through Gary. What fun it is to be in on this amazing transformation and clarification!!

Yesterday afternoon I was struck by a horrendous case of sinusitis. My head was throbbing, huge sneezing, couldn’t breathe. I was really SICK! I kept saying to Frank – I don’t get this! I am high flying, healthy and happy. What is this all about??? I am seeing masterpieces in weeds on the side of the road!! I should not be sick.

Frank said maybe I was sick because something worse would have happened to me (I had been planning to paint the top of my giant furniture) and I was in a better situation that might have been.

And then this morning I opened my eyes and I was completely well. I know in most people’s reality, a sinus infection takes about a week to get over. So I was surprised and delighted to see I had NO symptoms and was happy and healthy again.

So my questions is: Could be getting sick and then getting well be more about getting well than getting sick? And how do I eliminate the getting sick at all??!! Thank you in advance for your wonderful words!

All The Best,
Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

This is a wonderfully powerful question and our answer will help a lot of people who have similar questions. We are so glad that you asked it, especially in your present high-flying state of being. There are many reasons why you get sick and they all have to do with either the desire to be sick, an inner conflict, or a lack of balance. Let’s look at each of these in order.

Why would anyone have a desire to be sick? Just think of your childhood to find the answer to this one. Being sick allowed you to stay home from school and escape whatever it was that was going on that day. You got to stay in bed, maybe you were coddled by a parent, maybe you read books or watched TV. While you may not have felt good in your condition, it was better than going to school that day. So now, in your adulthood, you bring on colds (or accidents) to escape certain things you do not want to do.

Many, many illnesses arise from conflict within. If you think of yourself one way, but you judge yourself another way, you have inner conflict. Your illness is a result of this conflict. It is a sign that you are not aligning with who you really are. This is always a good thing and it is always small and inconsequential. If you align with who you really are, the illness fades. If you remain in conflict about anything, the illness comes back, often worse until you understand the message the illness is sending you.

The third way an illness or accident will come to you is when you are out of balance in your life. Out of balance can happen when you are focused on one aspect of your life with a lack of attention to other areas you also deem important. In this case it is your opinion of balance and your desire to correct that imbalance that leads to the illness or accident. Once the illness has come, you slow down and regain your balance.

You also come out of balance as your vibration raises too quickly for your system to catch up. This is primarily what is happening to you. It only lasts a short while because you are able to regain your balance and to catch up to your rising vibration very quickly. But we would very much like to talk about Frank’s thoughts for a moment. Frank suggested that the condition arose in order to prevent something unwanted from happening. We do not disagree with this but we want to applaud Frank for looking at this unwanted thing in a very positive way.

When you are faced with a condition that is unwanted, whether it is a cold, a pain in your body, or socks on the floor, it is helpful to view the present condition in the most positive way possible. When you can change your perspective in the moment, you change a limiting belief. In this case your limiting belief is that illness is bad. We know you are trying to show us that your perspective on this subject has already changed, and it has, but in the broader sense you still see some conditions as negative.

When you believe that anything is negative you have uncovered a limiting belief. This is okay for it is quite natural. As you ascend to higher vibrations, however, you will want to practice softening your limiting beliefs in all areas. If you believe that something should be this way or that way, and you are annoyed with the present condition, you have uncovered a limiting belief in regard to that subject. As you change your perspective to see only the positive aspects, you automatically diminish the intensity of your limiting beliefs. This takes practice and patience.

You, more than any other you know, want to live a limitless existence. The practice of seeing the positive in all things you once considered negative, is your tool to limitlessness. We see you are progressing extremely well as you discover the masterpieces in the weeds.