Hi Joshua ,

How fabulous it feels to have such a presence as you in my life to immediately answer questions I struggle with!! Thank you in advance for your awesome (as usual) answer which is perfect even if it takes me lots of times reading it to believe it!!!

I went in for a routine eye exam to get new glasses. The doctor says I am in the beginning stages of glaucoma. I don’t believe it. The universe would never take my sight which is in my top 3 joys of life! So I do not want to go for a second opinion which I think will put focus on sickness instead of health. Every single person who hears me say this goes crazy and says if I can have it cured before it progresses then that is the thing to do.

What do you think?

All The Best,
Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

Every condition that surrounds your life is your vibrational match otherwise it would not be there. Some conditions you judge as good and others you judge as bad. They are neither good or bad, they just are. Your perspective is the only thing that matters. When you see a condition and immediately judge it as bad, you might cut yourself off from the benefit that is inherent in it. You often cannot see the benefit when you are against something you perceive to be wrong. But, you must remember that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe and this condition is not wrong either.

Obviously your sight is extremely important to you and you can’t imagine a life without it, so you jump ahead to the worst possible conclusion and you feel fear. What is this fear telling you? It’s your indication that you’re focused on the negative aspect of this present condition. Right now, in this moment, this condition does not affect you very much. You can’t really feel it and it doesn’t really bother you. But, as you think of the future possibilities, you feel fear. Now, if you could think of the future in a way that you do not fear, then you’re aligned to well-being and this condition could not manifest.

It is not really possible for you to be at ease with this condition and so the fear persists. It is this fear and these persistent thoughts of something unwanted that will cause the condition to worsen. If you could find a way to ease the fear, the condition would evaporate from your reality. So what the best way for you, or anyone like you facing a similar situation, to ease the fear? You go through a medical process and the doctor might give you a prescription or perform a surgery and your confidence in the doctor will ease your fear and you’ll be healed. It’s possible to do this yourself without the doctor, but a confident doctor makes it a lot easier. It is the doctor’s confidence that influences you to well-being.

So our advice for you is to go along with the system, be inspired to follow your heart, listen to what’s being said around you, listen for words of encouragement, know that it will all be fine, realize it’s a simple condition at the vibrational heart of it. Don’t worry about the future, just think of how good you feel now, and soon it will resolve itself.

Allow this path your on, for it might be that this condition gives you great insight into something else that you would not discover without it. The conditions are always gifts from the universe. If you go with the flow of the situation, you’ll look back and say “You know, if this thing didn’t happen to me, I would never have found that!”

You are loved and cared for more than you can imagine. Happy Mother’s Day.