Dear Joshua,

First let me say THANK YOU so much for giving us this exceptional boot camp. From Day One to Day 12 – I have experienced extreme resistance in having to pay for it, resistance to scheduling the calls, resistance to doing WORK, resistance to keeping up with the writing AND resistance to changing my morning schedule of meditation! Then something flipped for me on Day 12. And now I wake up excited to do my writing as well as my meditation. I have great anticipation for our call tomorrow and look forward to my discoveries today.

What happened! LOL
No – I know what happened. I let go of the resistance and let it REALLY go. REALLY. You told me in Las Vegas “Acceptance is MORE FUN.” I am ALL about the more fun today! When I look back to just a few days ago, I amaze myself in the magnitude of this radical change. And it is not hard – it is easy to see the resistance for what it is- giggle at my resistance and say to myself -“Just a little resistance – nothing serious is going on here!!” or “Are you REALLY trying to CHANGE that condition right in the middle of boot camp??!!” HaHa!

So today I want to know – my diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Is that a condition? If so, how do I figure out what my resistance or limiting belief is? I have taken a new stance on this since I have had 2 anaphylactic reactions that did not kill me. But one was close, so is this an irrational fear or a real fear?

Thank you in advance for your brilliant answer. You guys/girls always know exactly what to say!


Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

All unwanted and chronic bodily conditions indicate an underlying habit of resistance and there is no exception. If the condition kills you and leads to your transition to the nonphysical, then wonderful, it has done it’s job. You can appreciate it for that. However, if you prefer to live a bit longer in this brief and interesting life, then all you need to do is acknowledge your resistance generally. There is no need to be too specific. It doesn’t matter. Resistance is resistance. If you have a chronic condition that has built up over a bit of time, it has more to do with a pattern of intense control over many aspects of your life. In your case, it is the resistance to negative emotion.

Negative emotion has been given a bad rap. It’s something that you perceive to be avoidable. It’s something you are good at avoiding. However, the negative emotion is simply an indication of a limiting belief. The idea is to address the limiting belief rather than avoid the negative emotion. If you avoid negative emotions, then they must develop into something you will not be able to avoid; a chronic physical condition.

When you perceive your own unworthiness, you do things to control this perception, because the feeling of unworthiness is painful. You are a highly sensitive human. To you, negative emotion is rather intense. However, this is an aspect of yourself that you purposely chose prior to your birth. You wanted to really feel emotion in more detail than most other people. You knew this would allow you to birth strong desires that would lead to a remarkable and intense life experience. And so everything worked out perfectly.

You feel positive emotion more fully than others. You also feel negative emotion more intensely than others. The positive emotion reflects the intensity of your beneficial beliefs and the negative emotion reflects the strength of your limiting beliefs. You believe your beneficial beliefs are true (and they certainly are) but you also believe your limiting beliefs are true, when they are not. You believe that your limiting beliefs define who you are and so this makes them intensely painful. You ignore your own limiting beliefs. Now is your time to address them.

Your number one limiting belief has to do with your own goodness and worthiness. This is why you have worries and concerns over money. You do not fundamentally believe that you are worthy of true abundance. You spend a bit of effort trying to control the abundance that flows (and has always flowed) into your life. You despise any form of criticism and you do whatever you can to avoid it. The irrational fear of any criticism is is directly linked to your beliefs around your worthiness. It is time to address those limiting beliefs and now if the perfect time.

As you address your limiting beliefs, you will open yourself to the potential for negative emotion. We must state this clearly. You do not need to hide from negative emotion. You do not need to believe that it is bad or wrong. You must stop avoiding it. You must consider it a loving gift from your inner self. There is nothing wrong with you, your life, your world or anyone else when you feel negative emotion. It does not define you. All it is doing is allowing you to uncover a limiting belief. If you ignore it or avoid it, it must come through in physical ways. That is the basic design of the system and there is no avoiding it.

You now possess the tools to process and manage your limiting beliefs. You can now see manifestation events and the associated negative emotions as guidance. There is nothing to fear. Yes, we understand that you have a habit of internalizing negative emotion. You blame yourself for being wrong. That stems from a limiting belief. That limiting belief is false. You are never wrong and you are never judged. You simply have learned that when you are bad, those around you withhold their love, they leave you, they punish you and they judge you. You manipulate them by being good at so many things. However, this is all based on limiting beliefs. Without the limiting beliefs, you would not even notice criticism, because you would understand that any judgment comes from their fears and you have no control over that.

With our love,
We are Joshua