Dear Joshua,

Is one’s experience after committing suicide any different when transitioning to the non-physical realm than someone whose body dies of natural causes?


Dear Debra,

All death is suicide. How you make your transition is not important. Upon death, you actually have a choice. Do you want to transition or is there something more for you to explore on Earth? Those who commit suicide have decided that there is nothing more for them to explore. They are ready to return and so they transition. After they have made their transition, they will realize what a wonderful adventure it was and most will be ready for another incarnation and more stuff to explore.

When one dies of natural causes as opposed to an accident, murder or suicide, there is no difference after the transition has been made. Since there is no judgment in the nonphysical, and there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, they understand that the way in which they made their transition was perfect. Those who linger on with illness do so for a variety of reasons. They cling to life in the false fear that death is an ending, not a transition. They fear the loss of their personality. They fear losing their loved ones. These fears are not real for there is no end, there is no loss and your personality (the love based aspects of it) remain with you as you emerge into the nonphysical.

When you think about the birth of a baby, you see this as a wonderful thing and the beginning of life. The baby has a personality. The baby has interest in the world around it. As the baby grows, its personality becomes more defined as does its interests. The child grows into adulthood further defining preferences and following interests. The once pure loved-based personality of the child becomes distorted by fear and the personality becomes a mixture of love-based beliefs, thoughts and actions, as well as fear-based beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Upon death, the fear-based side of the personality remains in the physical and the love-based aspects of the person’s personality carry forth to the nonphysical realm.

Upon reflection of the life that was lived you will not pay much attention to how you died, rather you will consider how you lived, what you experienced, and how you expanded as a result of your experience. The transition to the nonphysical through death is easy. The transition to physical through birth is the difficult part. Now that you are here, you can spend time releasing fears and exploring life just as you intended prior to your birth. There is no wrong way to die, just as there is no wrong way to live. Live life as you want to and when you’re ready to return to your nonphysical home, you will do so with ease.