Hello Joshua,

Have you any advice for improving health? I feel ill with various ailments a lot of the time and it gets me down. I also struggle with tiredness as due to sinus and allergy problems I have to take lots of antihistamines. Before I was on them I was unable to function a lot of the time as I got awful headaches. I’m sick of feeling like this and it’s not like I have a serious illness but am not sure how to change things. Thank you.


Dear Dawn,

All unwanted physical conditions, including unwanted bodily conditions, are simply a sign of resistance to what is. Acceptance or love of what is will eventually reduce the intensity of the unwanted bodily condition. When you are able to see the present moment as perfect, without fault, and completely right, your unwanted bodily conditions will no longer be necessary. Until then, they will remain to remind you of your resistance.

Resistance to the present condition first shows up as a negative or bad-feeling emotion. If you feel angry, sad, upset, jealous, envious, apathetic, bored, etc. this is your first sign of resistance. There is something in the moment you are judging as bad or wrong. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, you are looking at the subject in a way that does not serve you. Ignore these negative emotions long enough and you will attract an unwanted physical condition. It could be a rude comment, a minor accident or a head cold. If your resistance continues, you might develop a chronic condition. Chronic conditions are the result of chronic resistance.

Everyone has some resistance to life. You have the ability to form desires and you also have the ability to imagine how your desire will come to fruition. However, you cannot know how or when it will come. You think you know the best way for it to come or to make it happen, but you cannot know. When something happens that does not align with how your imagination sees it, you resist it. Your perspective is limited and you judge the event as wrong. However, you are missing an important part of the story. Everything is happening for you, not to you. Until you understand this concept fully, you will continue to dislike situations and events that do not align with your version of how things should go.

The answer to your situation is simple. If you really want to regain excellent physical well-being, simply approach life from a position of unconditional love. When we say love, we mean acceptance. When you can accept the people and conditions around you as they are without trying to change them, you ease your resistance. When you can see everyone and everything as perfect in this moment, you will ease your resistance. When something cannot be changed (such as the present moment) then we call it perfect. If you would not change something, you would call it perfect. If you cannot change something, you must also learn to call that perfect as well.

Everything is perfect because everything is what it is. Nothing can be changed in the moment. You can desire something more and your desire will be fulfilled. But if you desire things to change in order to make you feel better, then you aren’t seeing the present condition as perfect. This is the great paradox. You cannot change the moment because it already exists. You can’t change the future in order to feel better, because a better-feeling future is created by a better-feeling present. You must learn to see everything in a way that serves you now and feel better now. Only from learning to feel good now will you be able to create a better-feeling future. Your future is a reflection of how you feel now.

So appreciate all the minor ills that have alerted you to your habit of resistance. Adopt a new approach to life that allows you to appreciate what is. Call what is perfect because it cannot be changed. Demand and expect to feel good as often as you can. Learn to reframe events in your world in a manner that serves you. Understand that everything is happening for you, not to you. This is a feeling reality and all you are ever doing is feeling. Seek to feel good and from that you will receive a lot more good-feeling moments.

You are loved more than you can imagine,