Dear Joshua,

I hope that you can help me manifest my biggest desire, which is to grow taller and change the way I look. My desire to increase my height is what led to me find about the existence of the law of attraction. I’m 17 and traditional medicine says I can’t grow anymore, and I accepted it even though I didn’t want to accept it. For a while I stopped looking for solutions because nothing was working, but then one day I decided to look once more and I discovered the law of attraction.

Initially, it was really difficult for me to comprehend how it can change our physical bodies, the concept of it was more difficult to me then being able to attract money for example, but after reading and and learning it just became clear. You can be do or have anything you want. Due to all the success stories I’ve read regarding height and other physical transformations, my belief for the possibility of achieving this is 100%. However, I must be doing something wrong because I’ve been trying, I’ve been using different techniques and it just hasn’t been working. This hasn’t made my belief weaker, but it’s made me want to look for help, which is why I’m here. I would love to work one on one if that is possible.


Dear Dalia,

Isn’t it interesting how one develops a desire and then that desire leads to something so unexpected? Yes, you look around and you think how nice it would be to be taller. If only you were taller, then your life would be different than it is and that is a very true statement. But do you really want your life to be different than it is? We think not, for if it was different, you would not have found the Law of Attraction, you would have not found us, and you certainly would not be reading this answer right now. We believe your desire to be different than you are stems from a limited perspective. All limited perspectives are based in limiting beliefs. If not for the limiting belief at the root of the limited perspective, you could not desire to be different than you are. So then, your first step is to identify and process that limiting belief.

Sometimes, you adopt limiting beliefs because you do not have all the information and this contributes to your limited perspective. Well then, let’s fill in some missing information. You are now experiencing a physical life here on earth. This plane of existence is called Physical Reality. This is not your home, it is simply an amusement park designed for the purposes of exploration, expansion and self-discovery. Your true home is the nonphysical realm where you exist as a spiritual being. The larger part of you, your inner self, exists there right now while joining you in this reality for every experience you have and every thought you think.

The fact is that you chose to come here for the expansive experience of a physical life. You have been here many, many times. Each time is different. Each life experience is unique. You chose a certain life experience this time around. There was something that you wanted to explore in this reality this time around and so you set up this life through a series of intentions and choices. You chose the time and place of your birth, you chose your parents, and you chose the exact body you believe is too short. You did all of this because you knew that the conditions of your youth would set you off on a trajectory that would enable you to explore physical reality just as you intended. And look what has already happened. You have discovered more about the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality than most people will ever know in their lifetimes. All this after just seventeen years on the planet. That is remarkable. It seems like you made the perfect choices.

The fact is that you were a match to the earth on the day you were born. The fact is you were a match to your parents and to your body. The fact is that you are a perfect vibrational match to everything that exists in your reality. If you were not a match, then these things could not exist. The fact is that you know what you want from a nonphysical perspective. Most of your intentions prior to your birth were general in nature. You wanted to express love, experience joy, freedom, abundance and to expand through the experiences of life. These are your true desires. Being taller is not necessarily a true desire, it is only something you think will make you feel better. It is only because you perceive that your height is lacking that you desire to be taller. If you did not perceive a problem, you would not ask for the conditions to be different than they are.

In this life, you will adopt limiting beliefs and in response to conditions that trigger those beliefs, you will feel negative emotion. In that fear-based state of being, you will receive urges to change the conditions. However, the conditions themselves are perfect as they are for they enable you to explore physical reality as you intended. If you needed to be taller to conduct your exploration, you would be taller. You receive all that you need to do whatever you need to do. That is just a fact of the universe. You can make things happen to change the condition, but those actions are taken out of alignment with who you really are and never, ever solve any problems. They way to living the life you intended is to accept that everything about who you are is unique and that it was all intended prior to your birth. In other words, you are perfect as you are. Your journey of self-discovery starts with the illusion that you are not perfect and ends with the realization that you have always been perfect. Since you are perfect, there is nothing you need to do to change.

With our love,
We are Joshua